Help unlocking a car radio req

HI folks, I wonder if any of you chaps can help me with the below

we got a problem with our radio in a '52 Astra,its a Phillips Model 400 problem is that its locked. can any one give me any idea how to unlock this please without having to splash out money, or unmount the damn thing from the car...cos im guaranteed to make a balls up of the job

sorry if ive posted this in the wrong place but i could'nt think of a better one!
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Try nicking a radio thats already unlocked.

You a scouser or do you know one?
Splendid idea mate, however im trying to save cash by sorting it myself, having my family deprived of my ability to earn by being banged up sort of negates the idea but thanks for the input 8O

& no im not a feckin scouser, checking my signature might give you a clue, but in case it does'nt

" English by birth, Geordie by the grace of God"
Call your local Vauxhall Garage for the unlock code. As long as it aint pinched( supply chassis number) they'll usually give you the code free.
Sweaty, does that involve removing the part from teh motor? cos theres 4 tiny little allen screw type thingies & i dont have a key small enough to remove it

same script with locating the chassis number is'nt it?
Never knicked anything in my life mate, well not this side of my 20th birthday anyway :roll:
Sadly you'll have to take it out of the car to find a number starting with GM0400 on it. You can either phone up your vauxhall garage and ask them to give you the code using the GM0400 number you have (sometimes done free of charge) or you can post on this site:
Hopefully your garage give you the code, if not sites like the one above are very helpful.

If it's one of the types with four holes on the front of it, four six inch nails normally do the trick just make sure they're about the same diameter as the holes (obviously) put them in as far as possible and the thing should pop out easily.
Just copy down the Chassis number From the VIN plate, and the car Reg. Then call a Vauxhall garage, Most will give you the unlock code for Free.
OK gents I really appreciate all the replys, gonna give sweatys last a shot tomorrow thanks to all who replyed

Funny thing is, my partner used to go out with a cfn, & when i told her i was going to ask on here she says why bother , they'll jsut tell you to use the biggest hammer you got, what did she mean by that ???? ;)
The number is usually on a credit card size piece of card, not in the book itself.

THIS is how to put the number in, it's a pain in the ARRSE if you cant remember!

If you need to get the radio out, a carefully sized and placed screwdriver will sometimes remove the grub screws.

If you start to mash them up - STOP - it'll only get worse!

Once they are out snip a wire coat-hanger into two U shapes, and stick one down the left two holes and one down the right.

It should pull right out then.

Errr... apparently! 8O

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