Help trying to Re-Join - any advice and help needed

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Hi All

I am at the end of my tether and hoping people will help guide me in the right direction after numerous **** ups with civil servants working for the Armed Forces and me not being in the forces at the minute and badly wanting to rejoin.

Basically the story so far is....

I joined 202 bty RA when i was just under 17 and after **** abouts with my security clearance and about a year of waiting I finally got my army number, completed training and got a miniscule amount of back pay. (even though this time I kept turning up for every weekend/training day I could). I served with 202 for 3 years in which time I broke and fractured my ankles twice, one of which was during selection days for the regulars where even the Dr told me it was a small hairline fracture and would be healed in a couple of weeks and that I could try again. This however did not slow me down just downgraded me until I was fully healed.

Just coming into the 4th year of service 202 was being re-rolled into AAC and parents had decided to move back to N. Ireland so I decided to go with them. I was told I would be able to put in a transfer to a TA unit based here. This I done when I got over, 2 RIR HQ Coy, but as they were being deployed to Afghan at that time (2006) my request was not completed and an excuse was made that because the Army had upgraded to JPA and my old unit had been re-rolled a lot of my paperwork had went missing. (this coming from both units)

This did not stop me and after a few months fannying about trying to get work, sort out house etc I contacted RLC in Sunnyside street Belfast, who gladly accepted my transfer. I completed medical and was asked to attend Coleraine detachment. This I did but this was during the first cuts of TA funding and there was nothing for me to do as I did not have HGV license and couldnt get the time to get off work during that period to complete the course, and because of work commitments my time with the RLC was very short.

I was then talking to a friend in the local British Legion who told me that 2 RIR had a company in Armagh and that they were looking for recruits so I went down to them and explained situation above. They took me for medical which I completed and they found 75% of my paper work and were quite happy to accept me, but at the final stages a letter was received saying that because of my ankles I had been refused entry to 2 RIR. This shocked me a bit, as I knew at the time I wasn't in the best physical condition but still met the requirements, and knew my ankles wernt that bad. Still they refused me entry and it was only a short time later that I was told that the TA suffered a severe funding cut (2009/10) and that my ankles were used almost as an excuse unofficially - this I would like to clarify was not an official opinion, just personal opinions of two senior members of 2 RIR.

This leads me on to the biggest problem, I want to join again whether it be the TA or the Regulars and I am in confusion. The TA have said that I won't be allowed to re-join because of previous refusal and ankle injuries but the regulars have said that if I can get a letter from my Dr explaining that ankle injuries have caused me no further problems and they are fully healed, and that I can pass the medical and fitness tests on the selection days there should be know reason why I cannot join. The letter from my Dr I have already got and he even agrees that they are completely healed, I just need to focus more on there flexibility and range of movement with them.

After all the speel above the simply question is what should I do and how can I get round and help support my case for joining. People have told me to keep on at the TA because that has had a huge fund increase and to stay away from the regulars, but others have said go the other way and join the regulars.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers all
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