HELP! Trying to move in with my yank girlfriend!

Quite a unique situation.
The mrs is American, I'm serving in Germany.
She's a flight attendent
We both want to live together over here but want to wait for the right time to get married.
She can commute back to the states to work her job, which would mean she would be out of the country for 1 or 2 weeks every month.

Basically, she wants to keep her job for as long as possible because it allows us both to fly for free. however, we've got to the stage where we want to live together.

Can anyone think of any part time jobs she might be able to get where by she would feasibly be able to be out of the country for a week every month as her job, although does have its advantages, doesn't pay much! Which brings me on to my next question...... whats the feasability of me being able to pretty much sustain the both of us (i.e. rent etc) on my wages (about 2K a month) in Germany? I doubt I'll have to support us forever. the current difficulties in the air industry in America may make a few decisions for us sometime in the near future by moving her somewhere where she may not have as cushy a number (therefore; choose between your hot army boyfriend or free air travel!!!! difficult one!)

And does anyone know of any problems she might have with medical insurance etc etc. She shouldnt need a visa for now because she technically wont be residing in Germany (as she'll be back in America most months!).

Any advice on this situation would be massively helpful. Spoke to the welfare office, they simply said, "get travel insurance rather than medical insurance and rent a place whilst keeping your room in the block!" not sure if it will be as simple as that though. Travel insurance doesn't cover things like doctors appointments does it?!
Umm, she'll probably need a visa if she intends to work- and presumably things like a Kraut version of a NI number.

On the other hand, a small fortune might be made by using her crew baggage allowance (140lbs per person is industry standard on transatlantic routes) to smuggle vast quantities of quality German grumble to the US market. ;)
Tell her to sack her job. marry you and get a job in the NAAFI

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