Help tracking an old mate down

I'm trying to get hold of an old friend from Uni, but is useless, they're not on Friends Reunited, and I can't get at any of the the British directory enquiries services without taking out a 2nd mortgage (I live abroad, and they're useless anyway - how many Indians will know where Boston, Lincs is? ;)). Given that the Mannschaft of Arrse is so big now, I thought I'd try this as another line of enquiry. The last one involves asking a charity she's worked for to break the Data Protection Act (if I have no luck here, this'll be next!)

So, if anyone lives in or near Boston, Lincs, and has access to a phone book, could you please PM me & I'll give you the details?




Or have you thought that your 'friend' may not want to remember those wasted years, and has done a good job of going to ground?
This is the on-line BT equires, with a slight omen in the URL!!

As Yoda once never said, 'becareful what you seek'.

But I'm surprised at 192 not working. Every ARRSE'r on here who has revealed his or her name and location has come up trumps! Have you used their pay-for service? This looks at the electoral roll, and is quite good at combinations and wildcards. I even found an old girlfriend from 1995 who I served with in Belfast just by name/surname alone (and she told me to **** off when I sent a letter!!). I even found the ARRSE resident loon cos her personal email contained her surname! Phone number, address and even those who live next door! Powerful tool in the right hands!
You could always put a notice in the paper. Say she has won some money or something
Someone's already got a number for me - I'm going to try it later to check it's not linked to some Dutch porn line or sommit :D

Cloudbuster: wasted years? We did proper degrees, not underwater basketweaving (like my sister did!)


Ahh, perhaps I should have put apostrophies either side of wasted, you might have understood where I was coming from. :wink:

Good luck with the search, BTW

And if that number turns out to be a Dutch porn site, you know where to publish it. :lol:
Gah! The number given was wrong. Buggyre.

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