Help to PID an 1980's military vehicle id sticker.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Little LWT, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. I have just been stripping the paint from the bonnet of my Lightweight and found a sticker the reads SCOT/71.

    Can anyone tell me which unit this refers to?

  2. Thanks, mine is missing from that list but it is very interesting thanks for that. I hoped there would be a similar list of unit markings.
  3. What was it as a matter of interest? (former owner of 20 FM 80)
  4. 15 HG 59 is the former VRN.
  5. If nobody knows the answer can they point me towards an MOD contact that might be able to tell me? I'd really like to find out so I can put the id back on the bonnet and display it at shows as part of that unit, or at least tell people what unit it refers to.
  6. 71 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers) is under command of 51 (Scottish) Brigade based in Stirling.
  7. Possibly:

    Royal Regiment of Scotland (71st) - disbanded 2006.
    (Scottish Military History Website - Introduction)

    71 Engr (Volunteers) - based in Stirling under 51 (Scottish) Bde (

    71 Sigs Unit - had radar in Benbecula
    ( )

    If the sticker is circa 80's, then the first is more probable. Shame there's no Unit map marking sticker also to indicate type of Unit (rectangle with X for Infantry etc).
  8. I don't think the 71 signifies the numerical designation of a unit beginning with those numbers, but rather a designation applied by HQ Scotland to a unit under command
  9. IIRC, the 71st Regiment of Foot was the fore-runner to the 1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry, which later merged with the 74th Regiment of Foot in 1881, when that became their 2nd Battalion. Far from being disbanded in 2006, the HLI amalgamated with the Royal Scots Fusiliers to become the Royal Highland Fusiliers, the latter of whom remain as one of five Battalions in the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
  10. Assuming my sketchy memory of my time in the Hebs is correct, the Radar unit was an RAF one one on South Clettraval and, whilst I was there, didn't use that sort of numerical tag, it would be more along the lines of ##/BUC/##. Besides which most rovers to go to the uists came back via the scrap heap.
    The other 2 radars were run by SERCO and the RA, though this really doesn't help.
  11. Thank you so much for this everyone. All very intersting.


    I have had some useful information from the EMLRA, a chap called Clive Elliott has written an article that explains these stickers and it reads thus:

    This is why I ssume that the # part is refering to a Unit rather than a specific Vehicle, I think your right that 71 may not refer to a regiment with the number 71 but rather some kind of matrix, I would assume that this information would have been fairy pointless unless someone had a list of what these numbers refered to.

    Would there be a department of he Army I could write to for more information do you think?
  12. You could try the Museum of Army Transport at Leconfield although they may not have the information, they could possibly point you in the right direction
  13. It would appear that the Museum of Army Transport went into administration in 2003 and merged into the National Army Musem in London. I will try them...