Help this man!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by clownbasher, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Bloody hell,the way those figures jump.....i think he will be in for his jump.
  2. Did the girlfriend know that 1 visitor does not equal 1 hit (more like 20 hits). She should do a visitor URL count - bet he would still get 2 million though)
  3. The counter is clocking faster than Tony Blair's lie meter
  4. Good luck to the chap, she aint half bad either...
  5. 650,00 last check, but i wonder how fast we could get it going if we all set the website as our homepages?

  6. Just sent the URL to everyone I know and put the link on my faceparty profile. This guy is a jammy bast*rd if he pulls it off
  7. It is going up FAST! Was only 500,000 when I looked
  8. If we all keep refreshing the page the rank goes higher, that and we could all crash the server? /. style :)

    *on another note, we should ask for video/audio proof if he gets the 2 million hits ;)
  9. YES its jumping like a jack rabbit. That's either ARRSE to the rescue, serving the nation as we do, or did, or the rogue has jinxed hit hitcounter with a clever random hike, or as sandy-boots says people are clicking on the site for that contract, which just hikes it up again.

    Eitherway, I bet he is salivating at the mouth at the thought of it
  10. whoa there, six thousand in the last ten minutes, she had better get the frilly knicks out for this weekend, perhaps I will dress up as a woman and offer my services :twisted:
  11. Its only getting the hits because someone has posted it on almost every single thread on here this afternoon. Is there more to this than meets the eye? Or is someone just INCREDIBLY bored?

    Is it Stabtiffy in disguise? I bet he's had more hits than jumps.
  12. It goes up like 100 hits a second, surely he isnt getting that many visitors.

    Let us know what the guy says if he gets back to you
  13. Oh'indeed I will, I am asking from Video/Audio proof! hehe