Help - they're making me leave 4 wks before my 15k Resettlement Grant

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I am after some advice from anyone who may be able to help me. I am a Capt who is due to have their last look at conversion of commission this year. The date for release of these results has already been pushed back to Dec 10 - no doubt for SDSR purposes - and I am informed that there are only two slots and one reserve place available for this year. So I'm guessing chances aren't that good. If I do not pick up I will leave 8 Aug 11 weeks short of obtaining the 9yrs required for my Resettlement Grant which is just shy of 15k. I had an 'off the record' chat with one of DM(A)s staff and was told that basically the military covenant was broken and I basically had no hope of extending in order to qualify for this grant. Slightly frustrating with 6 yrs overseas and two tours under my belt as well as a small career in the TA before joining the Regs. I am also currently downgraded and on the NHS waiting list for two operations for injuries caused by service.

Again any advice, thoughts or comments (apart from 'tough luck') would be welcome!!!

Sorry, I missed it, which red top do you work for?
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