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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Whilst we are all enjoying the bitchfest in other threads the other part of the NAAFI and this online community seems to excel at is the ability to react to fast balls an help pals and ex colleagues out.

    Spanish Dave had a call in this morning.

    Soldier: twenty years plus service many of which in a pretty demanding role and background. Seriosuly injured in an RTA and is being supported financially by his old unit (Who incidentally are pulling a blinder for him)

    Whilst I can't and won't go into the whys and whats, this fella and his family for supporting him really do deserve a break...... So I assured the welfare officer that a trip to Le Torre was in the bag.

    Family of four and a hire care, and because this bloke is on the final skin of his uppers and because the apartments are self catering a few Euros to help with the food bill we need about £650-£700

    Hopefully this is the last time we need to rattle using my details prior to the Help them out brand, account and organisation goes live.


    Sort: 77-51-01
    Acct: 54713568

    sort: 40-02-00
    Acct: 22286017

    Both Accounts in name C LEE

    In true gobshite form, I've promised this before we've got accomodation from Dave (but know he will come good) and before I've rattled the tin, but am equally sure the NAAFI will come good too, we've yet to let anyone down

    No real pressure, would like to book the flights, say Monday.

    In your own time, cough up you cnuts! :D
  2. i chuck septembers donation in tomorrow.
  3. I'll send some cash on Friday :)
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    MDN, no takers for this place yet, what do you reckon, push the boat out or what bearing in mind his injuries would make this ideal for him and his family

    Price per week £1000
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    F*CK!I dont get my first payday until 12th Sept & am brassic since signing off dole.
    Sorry Chris,Cant bung anything in till then,mate.
    Can only offer moral support till then!!!!
    So cumon cnuts! This is for our own!
    Dig deep or Flashy'll send Charlotte around for some rough sex!
  6. inbound friday
  7. Money inbound tomorrow chaps.
  8. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    weekly paypal donation on the way
  9. Couple of pints sent...wish it was more..good luck
  10. I'll send some of my overdraft on Friday, and a bit more if Toppers remembers to send all the letters from my bank down to me!!!
  11. As ever a tax I am more than happy to pay, cash via paypal

  12. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    I had the nerve to come out from the darkness of my little corner and have sent almost a tenner I had lingering around on my PP account from quite sometime now. I'm sure they'll need it more than I do.
    Sorry it couldn't be more but just coughed up for my eyes laser surgery yesterday.

    I'll go back in the cage now ...

  13. I owe Niner 25 squid for a quilt patch so will chuck that in now.
  14. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    You w@nkers at ARRSE have kept me well happy during this "sick in bed" time.
    My eyes are stinging and mom's getting biten by me trying to take my laptop away from me .... but here I am donating.
    Where are all those tight fcukers who can't seem to spare a fiver for a good cause? Cough up you tw@ts!

    Dale, Do I smell love in the air?? You know you want me slag, admit it 8)

    How about a friendly mud wrestling fight you and me in brazilean thongs to get the attention of this tight lot? :twisted:

    By the way ...

  15. (edited by Pyro in interests of harmony)

    It is indeed a shame that ridiculously high post counts don't seem consistent with altruistic intentions, but as proof of the exception, this "Johnny Come Lately" has been on PayPal and incoming dosh is due.

    Wish it could be more and, by the way, always happy to do so via the existing arrangements.
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