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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by NinjaFrog, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. hi all

    just sent of my online application and was wondering how long the process will take what with this new capita online application also bearing in mind i have been in the ta before but left in 2012 will this factor speed things up for me as i was told at the tac last night it could be 4 months before i can get stuck in

    thanks in advance
  2. Make sure when using disparaging remarks about the recruiting firm that your username bears no resemblance to your real name.

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  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    What ashford_old_school was trying to make plain is it may be a good idea to change your username to something less readily identifiable.

    This will be especially useful when you come back in three and a half months to slag off crapita and the service that they provide.

    Glad to have been of service. Welcome to Arrse.
  4. 4 months is roughly right, I submitted my application at the start of May and am off for my interview next week. Top tip if you feel nothing is getting done is to call them, and keep calling, and keep calling, they eventually get their arses in gear. Yesterday I waited ten minutes for them to pick up just to get my interview sorted. Patience is a virtue I guess.
  5. The process is faster if you are a rejoiner. That is if you left the army not more than 6 years ago. At least that's what I found on the website. I'm going through the process having never served before and it took me just over a month to get my interview (that was yesterday). It also depends on the unit you apply for. If they're switched on and in regular contact with the NRC it seems to go faster. The NRC are doing a good job but they're seriously understaffed.

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  6. thanks for all the replies
    i called them the day after i sent the application and they sent me out the medical forms today so that part has taken under 1 week now just thinking whats the net stage and how long will it take for them to check into the medical side of things cheers
  7. Did my online application 5 weeks ago. Got the medical questionnaire link last Friday and was told I could not continue with my application for the TA as I am currently under medical treatment.....for sodding heartburn!
    Seriously! Now I have to go through an appeals procedure starting off with a letter from my GP (£20) to confirm that heartburn does not mean I have a serious illness.....I'm new to all this...coming from the provate sector, is there any part of this process that is speedy and efficient?

  8. Nope there isn't!