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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by netleyned, May 12, 2011.

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  1. I need help here all, and this is the place to come for unbiased, professional, and highly knowledgable info. Who are Help the Forces exactly? They've managed to con money out of my employer last year and are trying it again this year. Granted last year they dealt with a nutless monkey, but now they have to contend with moi, and I smell a rat.

    I've been on the well professional web site, noted their not a charity, have piss poor graphics and presentation etc so what the score, do they indeed pass on their money, and help the forces? As they more than likely have approached several projects I want to be able to show senior management what these guys are all about, or to avoid likie the plaugue etc...

    This has been posted in charities but I'm going for blanket coverage here so apologies.
  2. Phone them up and ask them what they do. Then ask them for the phone numbers of those that they've helped.
  3. I work with a few military charities and I have never heard of them.
  4. Not having much luck getting through as I've been trying since lunch. You know when you're not sure about something/one this is one of those moments
  5. They are not a registered charity so unless they can explain what they do, why would you give them money?
  6. They sell "advertising" in their magazine (asked for pdf proff, not yet arrived) and then this money is "shared" out etc
  7. Company Check on HELP THE FORCES LTD

    HELP THE FORCES LTD incorporated 24-08-2010, registered company number 07355081. Credit report, annual accounts from Companies House and free company monitoring available

  8. Interesting, many thanks
  9. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    We've just received this by email so why not drop them a line:

  10. That raises my suspicions.

    If they are bona fide why would they worry about this thread, which has done nothing slanderous (unlike us) and has merely asked a few questions.

    Bollocks to them!
  11. Go with your gut instinct on this mate.
  12. Go with your gut instinct on this mate.
  13. It doesn't seem like they've anything to sell.