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I need help here all, and this is the place to come for unbiased, professional, and highly knowledgable info. Who are Help the Forces exactly? They've managed to con money out of my employer last year and are trying it again this year. Granted last year they dealt with a nutless monkey, but now they have to contend with moi, and I smell a rat.

I've been on the well professional web site, noted their not a charity, have piss poor graphics and presentation etc so what the score, do they indeed pass on their money, and help the forces? As they more than likely have approached several projects I want to be able to show senior management what these guys are all about, or to avoid likie the plaugue etc...

This has been posted in charities but I'm going for blanket coverage here so apologies.
Phone them up and ask them what they do. Then ask them for the phone numbers of those that they've helped.
Not having much luck getting through as I've been trying since lunch. You know when you're not sure about something/one this is one of those moments
They are not a registered charity so unless they can explain what they do, why would you give them money?
They sell "advertising" in their magazine (asked for pdf proff, not yet arrived) and then this money is "shared" out etc
Company Check on HELP THE FORCES LTD

HELP THE FORCES LTD was first registered at Companies House on 2010-08-24 as a Private Limited with share capital with registered number 07355081.

They have registered an SIC code of which is activity

According to Companies House the status of HELP THE FORCES LTD is currently Active.

The office address supplied by the incorporating directors was:

M27 4BF
HELP THE FORCES LTD incorporated 24-08-2010, registered company number 07355081. Credit report, annual accounts from Companies House and free company monitoring available

As this company has not filed, or only recently filed trading Annual Accounts, they are not yet analysed by our system, so we are unable to offer a credit report. We can alert you free of charge when these accounts have been analysed and a report is available Click here to set up free email alerts .
Interesting, many thanks
We've just received this by email so why not drop them a line:

I am the financial director of Help The Forces Ltd referred to in the link

Since this has appeared in google search we have experienced a drop in sales which now threatens the company. We are not a scam operation and were on target to donate in excess of £50,000 in our second year of operation. As the financial backing for the company I have invested a large amount on my personal money to set up the company. As confirmation of my commitment I have not received any payment not even expenses yet spend a large amount of time working to raise funds. Our accountants are Jack Ross & Co 0161 819 3637 contact Umar Menon. I have used them for 40 years before my retirement and they will vouch for my integrity.

Our aim is to raise funds from businesses not individuals, not pay for expensive web sites and when our diary is sold all the money received from them will be distributed to smaller forces charities who have trouble raising funds especially in todays climate.

I would ask you to remove this thread which is slanderous and allow us to continue our important work. If the authors would like to contact me directly then please give them my email address and I can answer their questions.
That raises my suspicions.

If they are bona fide why would they worry about this thread, which has done nothing slanderous (unlike us) and has merely asked a few questions.

Bollocks to them!


It's bad when two arrse threads rank higher in a search engine than their own website.

Couldn't see a link to order one of their diaries either
After not much success and finding the website not very user friendly (personal opinion, not slanderous). I ignored them. Very concerned that they are still not identifying who's getting what, as surely if they were bona fide they would be A - ignoring this, or B- listing those they've helped to prove their genuine in their pursuits. As for second year of operation when I spoke with a rep I was informed they had been going for 5 years. A lot of questions, but to be honest I shit canned the idea when I FINALLY found the website, (no link or pics of diary), and they failed to get back to me when they said they would. So is identifying poor business practices now slanderous? No it's opinion. Life moves on. I have.
I wonder how they identify the smaller charities that have trouble raising funds. I suppose I would find out if I could find their website.

Not sure why they think setting up a website is expensive.
I could set one up for £100.00 including domain name. Most of that goes on web hosting costs. For another £25.00 per year, you can have a database as well.

Websites are cheap as chips!

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