Help the Forces by houses, Help the Forces.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering what the thoughts are on this little scheme I have just thought up.

    MPs are (evidently) able to claim a interest free mortage.

    Should the MoD finance a similar package for the troops?

    Open to ALL members of the Forces serving and ex-serving, the loans could be capped at £400,000 and dependant largely on your wage, and your current pension pot (which it would be secured upon also).

    During service the load would be interest free, but for those out of the Armed Forces a minimal interest amount would be added on. Maybe 1%, or possibly just inline with the National interest rates.

    As an added bonus the renting out of the property could either not affect the mortgage or attract some form of interest.

    If we had enough take up, this could even be a money earner for the MoD, and of course would serve as a massive recruitment and retention bonus.
  2. Well there is the keyworker scheme which looked like the answer but when I applied this year I was told sorry no money in the pot (even though as forces we have priority) so its back to waiting for a lottery win or try the key worker scheme on craggy island.

    A scheme like that above would really make a difference to me thats for sure.
  3. Well we always have LSAP and you can certainly buy a substantial house with a whole 8,500 pounds.
  4. It would make a difference to a lot of people. Tom's would be able to buy earlier and settle the family in the area they wanted to end up in, get the kids into schools, etc, etc. There's a lot would ride on the back of such an initiative, and it would take the pressure off councils to provide housing in some, not all, instances.

    The problem though as I see it, would be what about everybody else? The Cops lost their mortgage assistance in 1994. They're generally a bunch of self centred c*nts and they'd bleat that they were also deserved cases. Then of course you'd have the Fire Brigade and we've seen what those greedy b*stards are capable of. Then there's everybody else who see's their job as just as important as yours. Simply put, the question would be why should you get it and not others?
  5. If it were MoD funded though? The Police etc could be told to ram it.

    What would be a nice interest rate though?

    It would be low enough to entice the Tom and be preferential. But the MoD needs a bit too. The idea being to plough the money back in to the MoD.

    As an add on, why doesn't the MoD start renting out unused quarters? Obviously it will have to work on a few, but some could be useful in Uni cities etc.

    THose on camp could be limited to those who were immediate family, but hose of camp could be up for anyone really.

    Obviously the needs of the Forces would always come first, so the houses could be taken back.
  6. Becuase they dont own the majority of MQ's these belong to Annington who already lease out spare ones.

    I dont see how the MoD could fund it, just think of how little £1mil would buy in houses (around 6-8), now times that by the potential number of apllicants, thats a shit load of money. They would need treasury help for that.
  7. ....which they're not going to get this side of never-2 reasons:
    1)No money for this sort of thing in the Defence portfolio,especially after the next General Election, whoever wins it,and,
    2)The old political chestnut of there being relatively few votes involving Defence matters.
    That said,it is certainly an interesting idea but would need some research,methinks...