Help!.. Tartan trews

Does anybody know where I can get hold of a pair of genuine issue tartan trews - Government No1a tartan - as worn by the Black Watch and my old unit, the Argyll and Sutherland? I need a pair schnellish if anyone can help?

Size 36" waist and around 31" inside leg (bigger waist size is ok as long as it's not ridiculous)

Thanks guys!

Steve M
Have acquired a pair of trews of the Royal Scots Fusiliers which were issued in the 1940’s.
They are marked ‘WD’ plus arrow with a Regimental Number of a soldier who was a drummer.
The bottoms measure 22” and to achieve this they are professionally gusseted on the inside leg.
Can anyone tell me if this was standard issue at the time for drummers or soldiers or a ‘special’, say for walking out?
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