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I am studying for my Cert Ed and have to run a seminar and write an essay on Equality and Diversity. Where can I get up to date stats on the ethnic/gender/disability breakdown for the Army? I've searched Armynet, MOD website et al but keep turning up thre usual blurb and policy statements with little accurate data on numbers etc.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


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Cryptotermes said:
Thanks mate - a very useful site...

yazzledazzle said:
Are you not overdoing it a bit having to run a seminar for your Cert Ed although a level 4 course its going above and beyond the criteria.
Not the criteria as set by the university, but to be honest the way they've laid out the requirements I wouldn't be surprised. They still can't even decide if it's still called Cert Ed or DTLLS...


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