Help SSAFA with zero effort or financial outlay

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Baghdad-Brit, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. Fellow ARRSERs,

    We have a chance to get SSAFA a slice of some serious cash with no outlay ourselves. This email came round our HQ and is worth passing on:

    Whilst surfing the net at home on I noticed that they are giving £40000 to charity. They have selected 14 charities which will have a share in proportion to the number of votes cast. Please have a look at this non-profit making site and cast a vote for SSAFA. If you scroll to the bottom of the opening page you will find the list of charities and how to vote.

    We need a couple of hundred of us to vote and we will leap up the rankings.

    Get on it and show the world the awesome power of ARRSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  2. PS - We cannot get beaten by "Send a Cow" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Done

    takes seconds to do
  4. Good find, need more votes though ssafa has only got a very low percentage at moment 8O
  5. Results so far

    Poll Title: Choose a charity. Please vote for which charity you would like this site's fund (£40k last year) to support. The top five will be chosen and money distributed in the proportion of the vote. The charities were nominated by site users, then shortlisted by a panel of regulars. Please vote

    Read more details on these charities

    WATERAID. Safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest 13.2% (400 Votes)

    CHRISTIANS AGAINST POVERTY. Debt counselling, advice and practical help 12.7% (387 Votes)

    RE-CYCLE. Fixes & sends old bikes to Africa, to provide transport to schools etc (Martin's personal nomination) 11.6% (353 Votes)

    NATIONAL RENT DEPOSIT FORUM. Provides deposits for homeless people to get homes 10.7% (325 Votes)

    SEND A COW. Sustainable help for those struggling against poverty in Africa. 10.4% (316 Votes)

    NATIONAL DEBTLINE. A helpline for people with debt problems 10.2% (310 Votes)

    SAMARITANS. Confidential emotional support to the suicidal or despairing 10.2% (309 Votes)

    HEARING DOGS. To support people with severe hearing impairment 3.8% (117 Votes)

    WOMENS AID. Works to end domestic violence against women and children. 3.5% (108 Votes)

    CYSTIC FIBROSIS TRUST. Aims to find a cure 3.4% (103 Votes)

    FARESHARE. Distributes surplus industry food to homeless organisations 3.1% (96 Votes)

    SOLDIERS, SAILERS, AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION. Helps imporished ex-service people 2.9% (89 Votes)

    UNAFUND offers people threatened with repossession or eviction interest-free loans 1.7% (52 Votes)

    PRINCES TRUST. Helps young people get their lives working 1.2% (39 Votes)

    BRYSON HOUSE. Training & work experience for the unemployed 0.7% (23 Votes)

    Total Votes: 3027

    Getting beat by send a cow, jesus, get voting :p
  6. Done. Need to try and keep this thread alive and make people aware.
  7. we need to keep this thread in the "latest 10 post" on the home page, or it'll sink into obscurity :-(

    Ferme la bouch as monty python would say
  8. Can we get a moderator to keep this up front and centre?
  9. More need to do this, a poxy 2.9% of votes? Jeez with this level of support no wonder the forces are going to the dogs.
  10. just keeping it alive
  11. Call me SSAFA 90.

    No registration or other - just hit the tit chasps.
  12. keeping it alive
  13. This should be a piece of pi55 really. We only need 225 people to vote and SSAFA is top five material.

    Remember how quickly ARRSE got the word out about that cheap kit being sold for charity.
  14. When I voted there were 90 votes. Other people have voted and it still says 90. Am I missing something?
  15. Done. Only takes a moment.