Help - special enlistment form ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by micky_rlc, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    i was joing the army in 2006 to go to Harrogate in the RA however i had the date to go there but did not turn up (i no im stupid ! ) however i want to join up again,

    I am much fitter and stronger than i was and can offer the army much more than i could before, i have done my barb test and got a really good score however i need to get a special enlistment form to say if they will let me in or not.

    The sgt who is recruiting me said that i have a good case of not turning up and said he thinks that i will have no problem getting in.

    I want to go into the RLC, the reason i did not turn up was becasue at the time i was 16, just left school, and abit imature also my dad was in iraq at the time and my mam was really depressed at that time and i could not leave her like that.

    Now the question is, do you think i will get in ?

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated !
  2. Get the form, fill it out and put it through. Its down to the Army not us.

  3. We are desperate so Id be surprised if they dont welcome you with open arms.
  4. Thanks for the replys people :D

    the form has been sent and am still waiting for it to come back, it has been 4 weeks now, the sgt said that it could take a long time.

    Has anyone been in this situation before and if so, did you get in or not ?

    Again thanks in advance !

    Mick :D
  5. No experience of this before, but fingers crossed that all goes well for you mate.
  6. im the same, been waiting weeks for my special enlistment form to come back.
  7. 'Special enlistment' means just that, its a case by case scenario and each gets checked to make sure 'we' want you back.

    Despite what people think, we might be undermanned, overstretched or whatever anyone wants to call it, but we arent desperate and plenty of 203's get rejected ;)

    In your case i think it will be okay but 203's are taking around 6-8 weeks on average at the moment because each one has to be checked by various people in different departments in Glasgow ;)

    Patience ;)
  8. Thanks for the info mate,

    i just cant wait to here back from them, i really want to get in...
  9. From what you have said it sounds like you have a case, however its not up to me. You won't know until you try, so get your form in and good luck to you!