Help! Spanish Clip (PLCE) wanted

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DownSouth, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Hello
    Any of you guys could spare (give out/sell) a spanish type clip for a PLCE waterbottle pouch?
    Broke the damn thing last weekend, and such clips are not available over here. I want to take the pouch to the cobbler's to get it fixed, but do not like to use black "fastex" type clips on my webbing (and that's all he's got).
    Of course, I'd pay postage! (PayPal)
    Please PM if you happen to have a spare (perhaps left over from some webbing customisation?)
    Cheers and many thanks in advance

    Edited for spelling
  2. Looked into Cadet Direct
    Sadly, they work with couriers, so it's 25 quids S&H for a buckle!
    Any other ideas? No such clips on ebay (or at least I can not find them)
  3. You could try CQC in Barnstaple, these guys make plce and they must have used shedloads over the years.
  4. I've got one you can have for free, I've got an old double ammo pouch with only one spanish clip intact, so it hasn't got much use for me, I can either send the whole ammo pouch (which you will need to pay for the postage) or I can take off the clip and post it for free.