Help sought from the pay world.

Could you tell me whether acting rank is taken into account for pay increments for officers when promoted e.g. If you have ha acting rank for 18 months previously, will you move onto level 2 pay on promotion or level 1?

Any assistance would be appreciated.
boggy_loggy said:
yes, you move up. i was acting for 18 months prior to sub. my IDD is the day my acting was part 2'd
Correct, however I believe that this is only the case if your Acting rank has been contiouous, not interrupted up iuntil your Sub promotion. If for example you held acting rank for reasons of an Op tour etc, you would relinquish that rank and return to your Sub rank on your return. If there was then an 8 month delay until your Sub rank, on promotion you will not take forward the Inc Level of your Acting rank, but will be paid the OA rate.

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