Help son failed selection twice

Definitely needs to get his running shoes on between now and his next attempt
Exactly. There is no excuse for such poor timings from a young male prospective recruit. Even I could beat that time, and I'm in my mid 40s.
This place has advertised on local radio. I have no idea of its ability or suitability.
I am no longer serving but my last role before leaving was OC recruiting for SE Wales and I was heavily involved with the MPCT. If there is one in your area I would thoroughly recommend your son joining it. The MPCT (formerly Army Preparation College) has helped hundreds of youngsters male and female in their efforts to enlist.


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@Sashmum - lots of things your boy can do to pick up his chances, most of which have been mentioned above.

If he has left full time education but wants to get his Phys up to the Army's Basic standard there are lots of places he can get practice in company

What county/Region is he in ?

What Trade is he aiming for ?

In addition to those groups and organisation already mentioned above, you might have a look at :

Good luck - and tell him to stick to it ,if he has set his heart on an Army career

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