Help some advice needed

Hello im after some advice.

I was giving an ultimatium by my troop oc to either leave the TA or move units or mobilise as he has taken a disliking into me where do i stand as he says if i do not do any of them he will take me down the route of being formally disaplined and kicked out the TA.

Where do i stand?
i have been thinking that but i have been old by people higher then then my troop oc that no 1 fom my regt or brigade wil not get mobbed due to our role as naional comms
Let me guess. He's a subscriber to ARRSE and he's seen a few of your posts?

Unless you've actually done something wrong, then you can't be formally disciplined.

You could, however, not be invited to re-engage when the time comes.

If there's friction, though, you'd probably be best off moving anyway. It's no fun working in an "atmosphere."

Mobilising for mobilisation's sake isn't the answer - you'd just be back where you are when the tour finishes.

The Army has invested in you, so it'd be silly to suggest quitting.

The option that's left is transfer. From the skills point of view, preferably within the same corps or as a long-term attachment to another unit. Less preferably, a new start in a different type of unit.

But you've already worked this out, haven't you? You just wanted someone else to confirm what you've been thinking.
There seems to be a bit of a theme running through your threads mate- youre not happy where you are. Why not rebadge or try fot an FTRS as a signaller with an infantry unit - I know there are certainly vacancies.
yeah ur totally right i really like my unit though i like the lads and lassies and it would be a shame to move on just becuase of one person as the new troop oc takes over soon.the werid thing is though they have gave me up until april to make my choice.
There's always the choice of transferring, then transferring back when the time is right.

Works wonders when you have a petty conflict with somebody at the top.

Thing is, though, if you transfer, you'll probably find that the people in the new unit are just as much fun as the people in the old unit. Keep in touch and you could end up attending twice as many functions. :)
rsigslad said:
i have been thinking that but i have been old by people higher then then my troop oc that no 1 fom my regt or brigade wil not get mobbed due to our role as naional comms
Can you be a bit clearer?
Is that no-one or number one?
Do you mean that no-one from your unit will be mobilized or that all of them will be mobilized? (double negative no-one will not get mobilized = all of them).

Do you have a problem with mobilizing? If so why are you a TA soldier?
OK, so if you would prefer to do so later then why not transfer? Obviously there is a problem with you and this OC. Sometimes it is him that gets a down on people, sometimes it is you or your attitude. Be honest with yourself and decide who is right.
Then choose the best option or least worst, the old system of saying 'What will happen if I do this? How will I feel?' for all the options and then choosing.
yeah sorry just noticed how bad my spelling was there.
It was ment to say nobody wil be allowed to mob.
I would be very very happy to go on operations i am just trying to find out if i stayed at the unit would it be an easy thing for my oc to dismiss me.
I am hoping with the help with you guy to help make me the right choice as i do not know the system that well.
If you did mobilize and he wouldn't be there when you got back then one problem solved.
Transfer out then back is a positive option as you avoid the person and you will pick up new skills. ( I had arranged to do precisely this in order to avoid a coming CO who would have sacked me due to a mutual personality clash, but then I met the señora and decided to come and live over here.)
However you should be prepared to give the new unit some time, as this is only fair to them, and it will help you consolidate your new skills.
When I moved town through work I went from Arty OPs to Inf and loved it, so I stayed. You may enjoy the change too.

Another road is to talk to the OC and ask what the problem is and what you have to do to make him change his mind. If there is no change to the situation then your options are only two.

But as I said work through each option and choose the best answer.
I'm more interested to know what you did to get the threat of a formal disciplinary. Are you saying that your OC has no grounds for a formal disciplinary, or that they gave you an 'out' offer to avoid unpleasantness after you did a very bad thing*?

If they have grounds to kick you out, your lucky to get an offer to avoid it. If the OC just tipped up one day and decided he hated you, then that's a different story.

What's going on?

*[very bad from the Army standpoint, not your own!]
basically it all come about when i did not turn up for 1 weekend as i was called into work as i work on call rota at the airport. the whole system crashed of the airport so did not have time to ring up and explain i wont be in.


If that’s all there is to this then your OC doesn’t have grounds to discipline you.
If I were you I’d demand to speak to the CO about it.
Hmmm. Sounds fishy, like something a subbie would do to try and scare you into being a good little gopher. I'd not go to the OC, but I'd go through it with the Sgt Major, see if they will calm it all the fcuk down.

Any OC who decides that not turning up for a weekend means you have to get the hell out of the unit is way off kilter.

Mind you, I can't help thinking there is some small element of the story that you are leaving out, as we all tend to do from time to time. I can't see anyone going that looney that fast over so little o_O
Mobilise - do real soldiers job get glowing reports. Prove everyone wrong like has been said he will be gone when u get back. Also you will enjoy working with real soldiers and will want to do it again. You will have the experience and if you decide not to go on constant ops promotion will come quicker - but I would go on ops awy from the Fckwits

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