Help! SMS Recovery

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by methilman, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Apologies in advance for being a computer biff, but I have managed to delete a text message on my mobile with an important number on it, anyone any info on how I can get it back (preferably for free)!!
  2. Your network provider should have it on their system somewhere, in case of things like this.
  3. You could do with a Sim reader, plenty of software about that will display text messages, sent and received even when deleted.

    Ideal equipment for the paranoid or mistrusting person.

    More importantly, was she dirty and seemingly up for it?
  4. Only if saved to the SIM or memory card. Not if saved to the phone itself.
  5. Call whoever sent it to you and ask them to resend... ;) Failing that, if you take the battery out and unscrew the back panel then pull out all circuitry I think you'll find the text message is in a tiny little recycle bin just behind your screen...
  6. Have a SIM reader, no unfortunately it was not a dirty womens number (past all that) it was a friend from long ago, which took me ages to track down, well peed off with myself!
  7. If you've sent a text message it will be on a previous bill.

    Unless you are a pikey pay as you go pirate.
  8. Thanks bradders, made me chuckle! squaddie humour is alive and kicking!
  9. Not on pay as you go, will take your advice and check the bill, cheers mate.
  10. Check out tomorrows lesson on Rocket science via the gift of common sense :D

    If that doesn't work, but your phone in the bottom of the bath for five minutes and do a system restore by stamping on it with an ice skate