HELP!! sit ups

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by armygirl21, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am female and am really struggling to get anywhere near 50 sit ups in 2minutes...does anyone have any advice to help me out??

    My basic training starts in just over 2weeks!! I need some advice asap if possible to help me out!

    Im also worried, if i cant do 50 sit-ups then will i be sent home :( ??? Thats not what i want at all.

    Im doing my best to fit training in around my working hours, and doing quite well considering...but sit-ups are a real problem!

  2. Are you doing them straight legged or with knees bent? Try knees bent and alternate with other core and abs exercises, rotations etc. Good luck.
  3. Knees bent. To help me out at home ive got one of those things you put under the door to hold your feet and am doing them that way. I wasdoing them with hands at side of the head but reading through the forum ive realised im doing them wrong anyway, as i should have hands across my chest.
    Other core and abs exercises?? Like what?

  4. Core exercises could be anything that use your abdominals while maintaining balance. Get someone to throw a basketball at your form behind, rotate to catch it and throw it back from the opposite side, repeat 3x 15 times on each side. Rotating your torso when down in a lunge is good. Almost any exercise with a Swiss ball will help. Try lying flat on your back, raise your feet 4 inches from the ground and hold for 30 seconds, repeat etc.

    Or just work your way into the sit ups slowly on an inclined bench (head higher than feet to start) slowly bringing the angle of the bench down - eventually you'll have the incline so that your feet are higher than your head and a few weights strapped to your chest!

    I'm not an expert on this so be very careful of your posture, balance and particularly your lower back to avoid injury - last thing you need right now!
  5. Has i have found out the hard way on this site that the search button does work. just type "sit ups" in. Any way im sure its only 40 someting 44 i think min. hope this helps!!
  6. i did about 15 in 30 sectons is that good?
  7. Hmmm. It is 50 (unless you fit into any of the higher age ranges, like me), it is hard, but you are doing the right thing.

    Just keep plodding away. Try doing one more sit up than the day before, but bear in mind you will have good days (where it is relatively "easy") and hard days (where you can't do as many as yesterday, let alone an extra one).

    Being TA, I started training around my day job (like you) back in August '06. It was only two weeks ago that I managed to reach 50 sit ups. Mind I was concentrating on the push ups prior to this. Next is the run time...

  8. Well, if a secton was a term for a millionth of a second, then you would be superwoman and in summary, yes it would be good.
    However, seeing as I suspect you meant second then that would equate to one sit up every two seconds, which is shite.

    Any chance of seeing a pic of you with your labia pulled painfully apart?
  9. That's not entirely fair, albeit a little amusing.

    15 in 30 seconds, if maintained over 2 minutes is more than enough to pass the PFT / BFPA, and certainly better than some men I have seen in green.

    That does, as you point out, assume that a "secton" is roughly equivalent to what we refer to as a "second".

  10. i am 15 and i did do a 2 mile run before and then straight to attemptin press ups and doin sit ups when i say attempt means im crap at them i can bearly do 2 really embaresin oh and by the way my spellin is crap!
  11. My abs/core circuit today was pyramid 3-sets of Sit Ups, Elbow-Knee Sit Ups and Leg Raises.

    That'll get your abs nice and strong, the sit ups get the abs outright, the Elobw-Knee stuff gets abs plus core muscles on the rotation, and the leg raises hit lower abs alot.

    You could sub one of those with dorsal raises though which'll get your core muscles (not abs).

    Incase you're unsure about pyramiding - basically if you do 3 sets ( also works with 5 sets ) the first and last set need to be lower reps than the middle set. e.g.

    Set 1: 20 reps
    Set 2: 30 reps
    Set 3: 20 reps

    That'll work well too :) So does laddering etc, do a search. PM me for any other specific crap.
  12. It's not obvious.

  13. Sit ups are an excellent training aid to giving yourself oral love.

    If you are a male member of the RLC though, you should already be well versed in blowing other men.
  14. Wouldn't say crap... girl just needs educating about the letter G (I'll let others make the G spot, G String, G Unit whatever jokes...)

    it goes at the end of words that are meant to end in "ing" - abit like this:

    in + g = ing :)

    actually saying that you're right, your spelling is gash. :)