Help! Sicker than normal....

I know I'm starting [?] to lose it.. but, I just can't help myself... She popped up out of nowhere, kept coming back, no matter how many times a tried clicking on the little X.

Next time I opened a window, there she was, staring at me with those big ' come hither' eyes, and- GASP! -she winked at me.. the saucy minx..

She was daring me to play with her, offering me the chance to change her hair colour, dress her up anyway I liked..all the time she just stood there looking like she wanted it..the tease..
try as I might, I couldn't get her to bare all for a real bit of crumpet tasting and ..well, you know...
She haunts my computer and I'm hooked!!.. OH, GAWD!! Zwinky!!

What am I going to tell AnnaNova? How do I let her down easy and tell her' "I' ve moved on, it isn't you...etc. etc..?"

Zwinky!!...sigh... I must get her try on that soft, yellow number, the one with the pleats... ohhhhhh..

um....back later...
True North Strong and Free, eh? Michael Palin had you lot off to a tee, didn't he?

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