Help...should I join??


Okay so I am currently a stab (yes I know......!! :lol: )but am hating my civvie job. Is it a wise idea to jack it all in and join the regs at 25. No idea what I want to do but anything has to be better than workin where I am now.
I am in the throws of buying a house, will this stop me gettin in even if I rent it out?

Any help and ideas guys will be appreciated
well with regards to age I'm 25 and just starting my army career now so it's not too late to do it.
What you do have to think about is if you really WANT to do it. I wouldn't recommend it as a 'get out' for your current shit job. Why do you hate your civvy job anyway?
Follow your heart young Grass Hopper. The path through life twists and turns over the hills of the unknown. It can be a long road or a short road young grass hopper but rest assured some dog will have shat on it non the less.
Remember, Full Time Reserve is also an option.
Wax on!
Wax Off!

................ I really fancy a chinese now :eek:)
my job just offers me nothing. I love my TA life, doing everything "Army" and sit at work wishing I was doing it. I loved doing my 2 weeks training and still have not back into civvie life. there is no structure, no nothing. everyone stabs each other in the back and hates there job. Glad im not too old. I really wanted to join when I was 17 but got a boyfriend and it all went to poo from there really .
Full time reserve????? ooooo whats that then?
if you are seriously considering it then pop down to your nearest AFCO and have a chat with them. They'll also be able to advise about the house buying stuff. With regards to job choices there's loads that you can choose from. What job do you do with TA at the moment-Is it something you could do full time?
Im a loggie at the mo but to be honest thats not all that interestin lol.

I have a day off nxt friday so think I will go in and see. Fingers crossed I can join. CIVVIE LIFE SUCKS.

Where you in the TA b4 you joined?
No I wasn't. Like you I wanted to join years ago but family problems put paid to that for a while. Am glad I'm doing it now when I'm a bit older and wiser (?) can make the most of what's available rather than just dicking around.........................................she says!!!

Definitely go in and speak to them. If you are serious about doing it then take the plunge. What have you got to lose?
Yes, you have to think hard about the reasons you would like to join the regulars. Myself I have never got on with any job i've done in "Civvie Street" I've worked retail/hospitality/office/bars/food industry and hated the fcuking lot.

Dislike it for the same reasons as you. I want to challenge myself, not plod on. Have the chance to move up, learn diiferent things etc...

Like I've been told, grasp it by the balls and crack on. Its not for everybody, but I dont want to be like everybody.

Oh and im 25 this year, so not too old at all.

Good luck.
ahhh guys you are making me feel more positive about the whole thing.

Smuf- lol sorry ha ha knew what I ment ha ha ha.

Ummmm my boss told me to join the other day.....????? ha little does he know. Its all I talk about at work.
well even your boss wants rid, what does that tell you? :wink:

Go in for your chat and see how you get on.

any Q's just PM me. Good luck!!


Im 27 buddy, also hate my job and pretty much every job ive ever had.

Feel like i need to make some massive changes in my life, so thats what im doing, just preparing for selection now. If your interested go along to your local careers office and have a word with someone. They'll be able to answer any questions you have, also it doesnt happen overnight so you'll still have plenty of time to change your mind if you feel its not for you.

No point doing something you hate and sitting there wondering what might be. Go find out.
Crikey next week! Wish I was starting that soon. Well good luck and let us know how you get on Smurf.


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