Help screw the arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sappertapa, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Can any fellow arrsers give any tried and tested methods for annoying the fcuk out of some bloke who tried getting into sappertapa's mrs while sappertapa was away on tour?

    have managed to acquire his mobile number and want to play with the fool before putting him down, give us any ideas you have.

    I will keep you all informed of the progress.

    Cheers you steadfast bunch
  2. Publish it in a gay website.

    Then drop him.
  3. Do absolutely nothing until June next year. THEN phone the mobile and say, "Hello, this is the CSA".
  4. June next year?

    Give his number to me, I will send it to Biscuits AB. Imagine the aftermath.
  5. If all he did was 'try' whats the problem?

    Call him up and tell him you know what he did and that your missus thinks he's a dawg.

    Then go over every event he pulled, thus letting him know he had no chance from the off.

  6. Then drop him.
  7. What's wrong with kicking f*ck out of him?
  8. Or you could phone and ask for the address to send the invoice....
  9. Ring him up pretending to be the local clap clinic asking him to come in for an urgent check!
  10. create a really juicy advert in some well circulated gay mag publishing his mobile number as the contact!!
  11. tried and tested-
    place an ad in classic and sportscar for a jag e-type going for 5 grand- phone after 9pm cos of work timings! i may or may not have done it myself and may or maynot have had some brilliant results!!

    also- send off for all those kitch plates in the radio times that have the -send no money now- thing- do them all for him- he will be pleased!

    then drop him
  12. Deffo, the gay mag should work! he may even find a chum, could you not publish the number in here and let the mob pick over the bones?
  13. I agree with Dale and the rest.. drop him, then when next you see him, drop him again, and again until you break your hands or he has no teeth left.

    Then you could always take a bit of 4x2 and t*at him all over with that!!!,

    Anyway good luck fella I hope he is in a world of pain soon.
  14. Then drop him.