Help Save Fenton498 War Memorial from Destruction

I've just had the following through by email. Now I'm not normally a great fan of e-petitions but I think this is a pretty reasonable request for something that should be extremely important to one community.

Fenton Town Hall and the magnificent Great War Memorial contained within are under serious threat of demolition. Made from Minton tiles and 4m x 3m in dimension, the Great War Memorial remembers 498 men from Stoke-on-Trent who gallantly fell in service of their country. For many who were never recovered it is their grave.

The Town Hall, till recently The Magistrates' Courts has been put on the market by its owners, The Ministry of Justice, for £500,000. Your signature will help the community transform the building into an exciting venue which will make the Great War memorial accessible to all to appreciate for the first time in many decades, bring in jobs and growth whilst improving the profile of the local and wider community.

Worryingly, the memorial's size and weight precludes its relocation: it is deeply embedded into the very fabric of the building in a wall at the top of a flight of stairs. And neither the memorial nor the Town Hall is protected as a recent application for listing status was rejected. Consequently there could be severe repercussions for the hall, memorial and community should it fall into the wrong hands.

We ask you to sign this petition in requesting the Ministry of Justice put a hold on the sale of the building and listen to the community's ideas for the town hall; that way we have a chance of ensuring the preservation of this fabulous piece of heritage - wonderful to all, priceless to many.

Link for those who wish to sign the petition
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Done. This proposal by MoJ is outrageous if it results in destruction or desecration of the memorial!!!

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The Ministry of Justice say:

'it intends to include a condition in any sale of Fenton Town Hall that the war memorial be preserved'.

Notice it says NOTHING about continued free access to view or pay respects at the memorial!!

When the MOD sold the RM Barracks in Deal they made the same conditions about the RM Memorial Theatre. Funnily enough after the sale there was a mysterious fire and it burnt down. The developer was not prosecuted! So I think it is fair to say that government provisions on sales are worthless when it comes to redevelopment time!!
When the MOD sold the RM Barracks in Deal...
Uh oh. You'll set him off again.

I'm sure that fine body of men and women in the Kent Constabulary did their best but the CPS* were having none of it.

*Couldn't Prosecute Satan
These names of course need to be remembered but nothing lasts forever. That would include this building and the memorial these names are on.

Simple enough to place a clause in the contract of sale that the developer must provide a suitable stone engraved memorial to go on the town's local war memorial.

It is the fact the names are recorded and due homage given at the correct times not how the names are recorded that is important.
Hmmm..if the building is being sold, surely it makes more sense to remove the plaque to a museum/remove and then replace in the new building (which has been done many times before) or just move to a different building.

Its not like they are knockng down the Cenitaph....

Non story in my eyes...sorry
Perhaps the fact that the memorial is a rare Minton tiles example that can't be removed without a very high risk of breaking the tiles is the point.

It's not where the memorial is, it's that the original memorial survives as long as possible, absent natural disaster. If the building burns down then that's unfortunate.

But to destroy a memorial that is "For some of the people named on it, it is their grave. They never came home and for many of them we don't know where they died." purely because potential new owners of the building can only think of making a profit by demolishing the building is unaceptable. That's like saying the Cenotaph is going to be demolished and a new one built somewhere else, just because the owners can only make a profit by getting rid of it. We might as well melt down every single cast metal plaque and make one in plastic as that brass is damn valuable right now.
Does seem to show a lack of imagination. We managed to plunder more delicate antiquities from around the Empire, so I can't see this been an insurmountable challenge.

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