Help: Royal Sigs to Royal Arty courses confusion

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lucent, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi I am a TA soldier who transferred last year from a Royal Signals Unit to
    Royal Artillery. Originally I was told by my new PSI's/PSAO that they
    would transfer my R.Sigs Class 3 Radio Operators qualification into the
    MOD 1 or 2 RA Signals qualification. Its now become clear that they
    havent the foggiest on how to do that, and nearly a year on they are now
    telling me I should just do the courses from scratch.

    Does anyone know how, or know who would be able, to derive the
    equivalent Royal Signals qualification, based on the TO's, into a Royal
    Artillery Signals qualification ? Or am I doomed to have to attend courses
    I am already beyond..?

    Thanks for any suggestions or help..
  2. Well if you're beyond them, may I suggest simply sitting down and taking the test for the quals you want?

    Should be a piece of the proverbial...
  3. Hmm..Is that even possible ? I'll ask at my unit but I suspect they wouldnt
    be able to do that - and that it would be a matter of me having to go on
    the whole course just so I can take the test at the end..

  4. If the arty course is like the infantry one then your not as trained as a arty signaller, your lacking around 50% of the subjects (also bear in mind you've done basic JMH which is of no use to Arty).

    I've got 4 Signals trades after moving units (1 Inf and 3 RSigs), I've also 4 class 1 qualifications (2 Inf and 2 RSigs). You see the army finds it easier to waste money than find its way through paper work.

    I've tried what you did, armed with a class 1 Radio Op (Inf) course and a class 1 Data Op (AS Op - Sigs) but still I was told I needed to be converted as I wasn't qualified to do data (Sigs don't trust their own quals)
  5. That all pretty much makes sense really. Thanks. I dont mind doing the
    courses at all, its just the time wastage..and using up my leave from work when I could be doing more interesting courses.. :(
  6. It just seems so immature, VP is the same in every corps or arm. Regional Bdes should be offering this course to everyone, again so is Clansman/Bowman. Yes Sigs have other subjects to add on top and maybe the other corps do aswell but the solution is so blindingly obvious.

    We aren't the regular army and we don't have to our own seperate versions of their courses. People move for whatever reason, employment/study etc and like you say its very annoying to have to repeat the same training (my 'hidden' agenda is that the TARU/RRU course teaches VP to a higher standard than the RS Op courses seem to do)
  7. If in doubt ask RAMRO!
  8. Royal Artillery Military Recruitment Officer ?
    Royal Acronym Mitigation and Reaction Organisation ? :)
  9. OK. info old and reg but here we go

    I doubt you can compare RA sigs with any other sigs/ rad op etc its a different breed altogether, yes its VP, but the RA are very hot on this.

    The big thing is Fire Orders, a good chunk of the course is based on this and its not a few add on lessons and an exam, you will probably discover that the RA is the most "speaking on the radio" unit you will come across

    This is where I get attacked for being well out of date and FO isn't taught anymore
  10. Royal Artillery Manning and Records Office (I think ?!?!?!? its been a while)
  11. Get your Training Major to contact RATDT (he knows the number), they will get RATSG to check your R Sigs Quals (Via TAFMIS). Whilst this is going on RATDT will request a copy of the TO's/CTP from the R Sigs and then 'map across' all relevant TO's. If they cover all our (RA) TO's for a particular course they (RATSG) will award the qualification and send the letters of authorisation to the unit and RAMCM Div.

    If there is shortfalls then you might have to complete some things to cover the gap, its usually 1 or 2 days trg

    Easy when you know how!
  12. Partly but not as good as a mortar pln :twisted: (hmm do I spot a trend). Although a Cav unit pushed me loads with their skills with batco (and had to use the rifle to take down messages and decrypt them)
  13. RAMCM, RAMRO...whatever! Yes, it has been a while and getting whiler too!
  14. Spot on post Gazza, this is the route (and up to date acronyms Cuddles) that Lucent needs to take.

    The problem is that it can be a bit like kicking treacle. You need to get your TC, BC and SPSI behind this to get your Trg Maj to get off his butt and then stay on the backs of TDT and TSG until they get it done.

    By which time you just might find it would have been easier to do the full course inthe first place!

    Good luck and come back and report. If you have problems name and shame the eedjuts that stood in the way.
  15. Totally agree here just do the requals. if you confindent in your skills and knowledge you wont have a problem. I moved from RA(FOO) to RSignals, Gunner VP cannot be touched its the best, fire orders require that! FO's is where you will find the biggest difference.

    VP in our unit at times beggars belief, a couple of us are ex arty and have taught arty target indication and also in the battle group trainer, our siggies have a healthy respect for all things gunner as a consequence.

    Having said that, my current unit has taught me how to get the best from the kit, something my old unit did not.

    do the requals, you will learn stuff guaranteed
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