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Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but it seemed (sort of) appropriate.

Amongst my many other onerous responsibilities, I am my company's chief climber in theatre. We've just acquired a new H&S nazi with loads of new ideas (and no ******* ability to give guidance) and now we need a rope log for our single 100m rope (the rest of our climbing is done with hooks & other systems). I've looked for one online until I'm blue in the face, with no joy.

Normally I would just inspect the equipment on a monthly basis and sign it off in it's section in the register as 'OK' and leave it to anyone else to check it out before and after it's been used. But apparently this isn't good enough.

If there are any guys/girls out there who use rope logs, a couple of pointers on it's content would be appreciated.
Ask the H & S guy to obtain one for you.. Or ask him to provide the column heading which he believes to be appropriate.

Have you looked at the HSE web site? they may produce a guidance leaflet on the subject.
Fallschirmjager, that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks mate,
FSJ's right on not taking the piss with ropes - working at height is of massive interest to HSE.

However, you may find the attached guidance may reduce workload:

Equipment records - AALA - HSE

That said, I'd feel happier with an inspection log being run in all cases.
I've been quite fortunate really, the rope has never been used. It's only been took out in the vehicle 'just in case'. The only time it's left the bag is during my monthly inspections and possibly due to the fact that I'm anally retentive (and qualified), it does get a proper inspection. The rigging gear is kept in a locker to which only I have the keys.

I understand what you are saying with regards to HSE & working at heights, but I only did the PFPE (Personal Fall Protection Equipment) inspection course three months ago. For the past two years we've had no H&S visibility, then suddenly everything needs to be done at once. Everything, and I mean everything on my flick is inspected by me on a monthly basis regardless of the 6 monthly recommendation Petzl have. All of our WAH & PFPE kit is in tip-top condition. With a company like ours, if you have the slightest inkling of the kit being 'not-right' it gets quarantined and destroyed. I don't have the slightest concern regarding the condition of our equipment, I would just like to ensure the "I's" are dotted & the "T's" are crossed.

Gents, many thanks for your input & especially to Fally for the excellent rope log form.

I suggest that you phone up the HSE. I think they have a help line. Or look up their list of publications, guidance notes etc etc on their web site.
Am I the only one here who was thinking of something entirely different when ropes and log was mentioned?
Helicopter Load Slinging Equipment Inspectors (HLSEI) - 2412 - at St Athan - Is the course that I did for Helicopter Under Slung Load Equipment (HUSLE) That covered some rope documentation.

Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Air Safety and Aviation | JADTEU | Helicopter Section

Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit should know where to point you in the right direction for docs or paperwork, I will PM the contact details to you.

Do you have Air Corps, Air Bootneck or NAS near you? They will certainly have bods that can help. Have you tried you Gym Queens? They might have a qualified AT type that can sort you out. (How urgent is it? I might be able to square you away some info and forward it on to you - When I sober up!)

There is a Mil Form for rope logs - I'll try and find out what number it is.

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