Help RLT!

Im off on my RLT (Rock Leader Training) course soon and Im wondering if anyone has any tips, or kit I should try to get my hands on etc?

Many thanks
JSMTC provide all the kit needed for the course.

You can take your own kit but it will be inspected by the instructors before they allow you to use it. Bearing the above in mind, the only things worth taking is your stickies and your harness if you already own them.

If you intend to pursue the rock climbing side of things up to instructor level it is worth registering with one of the civilian bodies BEFORE arriving for the course. I claimed the cost of membership off of my learning credits though i think this is down to individual RAOs etc.

The Joint Services Rock Leader equates to a civvie qualification that would set you back a few hundred quid outside of the services. JSMTC wont backdate stickers for courses so it is important to ensure you have all the memberships sorted and received your logbooks before reporting. If you are only doing RLT as a one off and dont intend to pursue it, dont bother with the civvy quals as it would be a waste of money for you.

It is also important to go with an open mind as to how to do things. Theories and methods are always being revised and JSMTC will teach you the most current version. Dont go with the attitude of 'this is how i have always done it and thats that' (ie OTC ppl) because you will just feck the instructors off which will lead to you having an unpleasant week.

Other than that, enjoy!! :D
Cheers Sprog!
Im planning to do JSRCL as soon as they will let me. Im already a member of BMC is that enough for the civvi qual or do I need to look in to joining another org aswell? Ive sent them an email(BMC) but no reply as yet...
The BMC is a generic mountaineering body. The joining instructions normally include a list of bodies that the instructors at JSMTC are accredited by. You need to register with one of the actual instructor schemes to receive the civvy quals. MLTB is the main one as far as i am aware and the one preferred by JSMTC. You can register online and they are normally pretty quick, i received my log books and paperwork within a week. It involves a one off payment of about £40ish as far as i recall but as previously mentioned, you can blag it back on your learning credits. Before you split with the cash, just drop a quick call to JSMTC to ensure that they are still using that scheme. Shouldnt have changed, but you never know!

As you are intending to go on to instructor level, bear in mind you need to also attend a H&S (?) approved first aid course at some point before you attend the JSRCL course. These are only run once a year at JSMTC and are normally oversubscribed so realistically you need to go on a civvy one. Can be quite expensive but same detail with the learning credits.

MLTB website;

sprog :D

RLT is a great course (Did mine June 04 at JSMTW(B))!

Echoing what sprog said, make sure that you register for the civi qual with the MLTB before you go. You can't back date the qual and get the civi sticker so if you don't (like me!) you'll have to go and do the course again!!

Recommend getting the new rock climbing gospel according to the Moutain Leader Training Board (MLTB). "Rock Climbing: Essential Skills & Techniques" by Libby Peter. (ISBN: 0954151119) This is effectivly the syllabus put in nice picture form and is also an excellent reference book. MLTB sell it for the RRP of £17 (but I see that amazon have reduced it to £12!!)

Remember there are two parts to the week. 1st bit is the same as the civi SPA(Training) award setting up the top rope and abseils (See book above!). The 2nd bit is assessing your ability to lead climb for Joint Services purposes! This bit is not difficult as long as you can put a nut or friend in a wall (and climb to about Severe?!? I think! mayby v diff?!?)) (I think you are also supposed to provide log book experience of a number of climbs both lead and 2nd for the qual (See JSP 419 for full SP! o check with JSMTC.))

Kit wise take whatever you own, and are comfortable in using (although they have everything you need if you don't have any!!) If you are looking to do JSRCL as soon as poss, you will probably have most of your own kit anyway.

One last thing, remember the qual if only valid for 3yrs now, so if you are going to do JSRCL you need to do it in that time!!

Hope this helps,

Cheers mate it does help!

Ive got quite a bit of my own kit so I'll take that anyways. I picked that book up 2 months ago and it does seem to be pretty good, so I guess I'll be swotting up on that.

A couple more questions if you dont mind:

1. Am I actually aloud to supervise/conduct any trg with service pers after RLT? Or is this just after JSRCL/JSRCI?

2. What rope technique do they use the most there IE: Twin/doubles/single etc?

3. I intend to do JSRCL asap after RLT. But I am a bit lost on this first aid course requirement. Do you have any course titles I can look for in the DCIs that will qual me to get a bid on a JSRCL?

4. Ive never kept a log book in the 6 years Ive been climbing! Ive searched shops, the net etc. Any ideas on where I can pick one up? Or a link maybe?

Any help will be gratefully received.


Sorry Bowman only just got around to reading your last post.

Answers as requested:

1. The publication you need to get hold of is JSP 419. This is the gospel on all AT courses and quals and at the end of each section is an Annex that gives the guidelines on the qual limitations and instructor/student ratios. The most recent JSP 419 (Apr 04) is available online within the HQ ATG community on

The short and curlies of it is, as an RLT you can (within the remit of an authorised AT program)(quote JSP 419!):
a. Lead climb on any single pitch route with a suitably qualified 2nd (RCP)
b. Lead climb on any multi-pitch route under supervision of an RCI
c. You may supervise 3 independant top rope systems on a single pitch crag or climbing wall (i.e. 1 to 6 ratio!)
d. You may supervise 1 abseiling stance on a single pitch crag

See JSP 419 for RCL / RCI limitations and ratios!

2. All climbing was with a single rope when I did it. I think this has been imposed due to H&S and standardising a min rope diameter etc. Speak to JSMTC for info on the relevant DCI

3. The First aid bit is required for the civi qual to be awarded on SPA (Assessment) and similar on ML(Assessment). The MLTB accept any first aid training certificate that has been delivered by a H&S approved instructor and included a minimum of 2 days/ 16hrs instruction. Joint Services AT some time run a 2 day course (Mountain First Aid) see courses DCI, with external civi instructors but they tend to be massively over subscribed. Your best off pursuing a civi course and claiming back costs through Standard Learning Credits, although I am unsure on wether some mil 1st aid quals would do! I passed my JSMEL(S) with no cert but was unable to get the civi qual tick!

4. Log Book: You'll get a nice Guchi A5 log book when you pay up and register with the MLTB for your civi qual. This includes plenty of blank pages although you can download more from their website ( The JS one, (again avail on is not so great as it is a bit generic (i.e. for all activities!)

Hope this helps..


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