Help RLT!

Im off on the RLT (Rock Leader Training) at JSMTC soon and Im wondering if any one has any tips, bits of kit to take etc

Many thanks
JSMTC provide all the kit needed for the course.

You can take your own kit but it will be inspected by the instructors before they allow you to use it. Bearing the above in mind, the only things worth taking is your stickies and your harness if you already own them.

If you intend to pursue the rock climbing side of things up to instructor level it is worth registering with one of the civilian bodies BEFORE arriving for the course. I claimed the cost of membership off of my learning credits though i think this is down to individual RAOs etc.

The Joint Services Rock Leader equates to a civvie qualification that would set you back a few hundred quid outside of the services. JSMTC wont backdate stickers for courses so it is important to ensure you have all the memberships sorted and received your logbooks before reporting. If you are only doing RLT as a one off and dont intend to pursue it, dont bother with the civvy quals as it would be a waste of money for you.

It is also important to go with an open mind as to how to do things. Theories and methods are always being revised and JSMTC will teach you the most current version. Dont go with the attitude of 'this is how i have always done it and thats that' (ie OTC ppl) because you will just feck the instructors off which will lead to you having an unpleasant week.

Other than that, enjoy!! :D
Cheers Sprog!
Im planning to do JSRCL as soon as they will let me. Im already a member of BMC is that enough for the civvi qual or do I need to look in to joining another org aswell? Ive sent them an email(BMC) but no reply as yet...
Nope, Sorry where closed, come back tomorrow

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