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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by john_smith, May 28, 2007.

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  1. I am looking for a bit of advice and guidence. I have recently undergone and Administrative Discharge from the Army. Through all this I was given no support or advice from my CoC, was never explained to my legal rights or the support that should have been available, was never handed the pamphlet on rights of a soldier undergoing disciplinary procedures, was never offered te chance of a transfer whic in my opinion should have been offered as my "crime" certainly did not warrent my discharge.

    Further to this i was discharge while undergoing medical treatment for something that i developed while serving in the army, is this not in violation of the army's obligation to provide a duty of care to its soldiers???

    Upon leaving the Army (after been given a weeks notice by my CO) i got in contact with Citizens Advice Bureau and Royal British Legion. I have also got a copy of AGAI 67 (which was never offered to me while going through the discipline procedure) and as far as i can tell the correct procedures have not been followed in anyway by my CoC.

    What i would really like to know is, how do i go about redressing the decision, is it AGAI 70?
  2. What was your crime. Shag the CO's wife or summit.???
  3. Ok, I'll concede that my post isn't going to be of any help now but why did you wait until you had been discharged before realising that things could have been better handled? Or are any answers to your questions here destined to support a compensation claim?
  4. OK, this is not in support of a compensation claim, also i was only given a weeks notice that i was being discharged and so did not really have a lot of time to start questioning things etc when my time was taken up with Meidcals, de-kitting and handing room over etc. and finally i would rather not go into detail on here as to what i did!!!
  5. Thieving and drugs were the ones I can remember, for being discharged so quick. A very quick posting for anything else.
  6. I can assure you it was neither theiving nor drugs!!!
  7. whatever it was, you werent wanted.

    and your not wanted now, unless you can say why they got rid of you.

    asking for advice without saying what you have done, is asking people to take a bit of a leap of faith.

    having said that if you were unfaiirly treated the people on here would advise you if they saw a justified reason to.

    spill the bills or mag to grid
  8. If you were binned from McDonalds, would you expect the company to hold your hand out the door?

    As UMIN says, no one can hope to give you any help or advice unless we hear some more juicy details as to why you'll never make Academy Sgt Maj. ;)
  9. Perhaps your face did not fit, and your early exist would appear to be have been representative of the times.
  10. you seem rather confused. you say you were admin discharged but then complain that you weren't given the documentation about disciplinary proceedings. were they going on simultaneously? admin and disciplinary are two different types of procedure.

    i have to agree with the above comments. nobody is going to take a leap of faith and jump to your aid without the slightest idea of what you did. obviously it is rather bad, or you wouldn't have been discharged.

    you claim your "crime didn't warrant your discharge." clearly, those in command of you disagree. i'll side with them until any more facts are forthcoming. and perhaps even afterwards, depending what you did.
  11. I have to agree with the above comments.
  12. Was this condition something directly connected to your service in the Army? If not, it's not a violation of the armys obligation blah blah whatever that may be.

    Ie. Was it a broken leg due to you falling off the assault course (if such a thing still exists in this cuddly Army any more) or did you have a cold?

    If it was a totally unrelated ailment then the MO can quite correctly sign it off to whoever your new GP is.

    I think you're still a bit pished off at being binned and are trying to come to terms with it all. Or blame someone else for your unsuitability for military service.......
  13. Stab in the dark here, are you the John Smith who was with 2 LI?
  14. If a Pirate is not willing to help you!!!

    who is??????

    spill the beans MoFo!