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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Monty0443, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. There was a problem in our stores an my sleeping system went missing from my rack.... the cqms is attempting to lay the blame on me saying that is up to me to find a replacement. What are my rights and is there anything i can quote in my favour??

  2. Did you sign for said sleeping system?
  3. It's hardly your fault if it went missing from stores is it?
  4. Is it on your flick? If so, it could well be your problem - either replace with identical or pay the CQMS for a replacement.

    If it's not on your flick (i.e. it gets signed out of stores as and when you need it), it's your QM's problem - he may be trying to pass the buck.

    Ask the CQMS to show you the 1033 that you completed when you signed it out. This assumes that he didn't pull a fast one and not return the 1033 when you handed it back in last time.
  5. This is a good point, why was it in stores anyway? Wasnt it in you're accomodation?
  6. Refuse to sign the 1954, call the rmp in make a fuss. They are expensive bit of kit dont stand for it. My QM added thousands of pounds worth to my 1157 of kit that i had not seen told him to wind his neck in or id report him. Yes spermwhale that is you if you are reading.

    Stick this question in the RMP forum and they would have more practical advice for you.

    CO can write of kit that has gone missing for you anyway. Did you leave it in the care of the QM you dont even need a 1033 of him to charge him for loss of items according to mat regs.

    QM has probaly sold it on blackbush market any how.

    Not much help i know but the system is not as black and white as the QM tells you. One of the greatest myths in the army. RMP that is my suggestion theft is theft wether it is atoothbrush or a chally 2

  7. Somone stole you're toothbrush?
  8. It was an example,

  9. thanks for the help guuys.. will let you know the outcome..

    damm i hate confrontations
  10. If all else fails, drop kick his missus in the fanny and run from the fat f*ck.
  11. Be mature

    dont embarrass him in front of juniors or peers

    be calm and reasonable

    provide a solution ( make it his idea)

    Be polite

    if the outcome is not what you want, use the CoC without sounding like awhinger or being personal keep it business like.

    If i had a junior come in my office whinging and whining i would probaly dropkick him. If he came in a mature a respectful manner he would get my time and patience.