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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by black_taxi, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. black_taxi

    black_taxi Old-Salt

    I have found a couple of powerpoint lessons for Recruits, the problem is I have only got the scripts not the presentations. just wondered if any one out there has got them and could let me have them. They are:-

    (a) Education 1&2 Badges of Rank
    (b) Education 8 Areas of Deployment
    (c) Education 7British Army Arms and Services

    Reading through them they look like they orignated at an ATR possibly Pirbright. Any info gratefully received.
    All the Bessst
  2. Brew_Time

    Brew_Time War Hero

    If they originated from Pirbright - it's gotta be BULLSH!T.

  3. black_taxi

    black_taxi Old-Salt

    true, but with a bit of "tweeking" Iam sure I can do something with them, Thanks for your input it has been most interesting
    All The Bessst
  4. jase2472

    jase2472 War Hero

    i gave these lessons before the training system changed i will see if i still have them and the email them to you mate
  5. black_taxi

    black_taxi Old-Salt

    Cheers Jase , I am not on line in daylight hours due to job But will reply assoon as I can.
    All the Bessst