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I am about to go off on my holidays on Tuesday and I need some help from the edumacated Arrsers.

I am going to France (yeah, I know but my bother lives there) and I need some help with useful phrases such as:

Feck off you useless cheese eating surrender monkey

when did the French last win a battle/war


why do all your women have moustaches.

You all know the sort of thing required to help bridge the friendship gap between nations.

If you could give me the above in French in order that no mistakes are made then I would be very grateful.


Auld-Yin :twisted:
Feck off you useless cheese eating surrender monkey:

Vous cassez vous fromage inutile mangeant le singe de reddition

when did the French last win a battle/war:

quand a fait le dernier français gagnez une bataille/guerre?

why do all your women have moustaches:

porquoi faites tout vos femmes ont des moustaches?

Happy to oblige, if you need anymore go to this site, i've had hours of fun coming up with interesting insults...
Phrase books at the ready lads:

Dirty frog, you wash your hair so infrequently it still has afterbirth in it.


Grenouille sale, vous vous lavez les cheveux tellement rarement qu'ils ont toujours
l'arrière-faix dans eux.


War Hero
I have a little phrasebook somewhere full of abuse in an eclectic mix of foreign languages. I think I got it in Waterstone's (is was one of those gizzits they have by the counter). If I find it I'll stick the details on here.
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