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Hi, basically got recommended this site....

My situation is..

Last week I got told that my SQN OC is applying for my discharge, I got in trouble in July, ended up going court, got less that 100 community service. It took from July to last week to come back from Army legal.

My OC says under the Agai 67 table for my offence it states Discharge soldier, so now i have an appointment with the CO after Christmas then one with the Brig after her. I've been told to do a plea of mitigation as it will help my chances. In this plea i've put that I was ranked 3 in my regiment on my CR also that i represented the regiment at brigade boxing.

My question is... Will any of this matter because under the Agai 67 it states discharge or can the CO and Brig go against the table and give me some leeway or am I best of starting looking for a job ASAP?

Your help would be much appreciated

I believe that AGAI 67 tables show the maximum punishment the CoC could give you.

All depends on what your crime was not the punishment handed out by the civ court. Pre-pair the best statement of mitigation as you can, show remorse and that you've learnt from your mistake and hope the crime you committed isn't the CO or Brigadiers pet hate.

Not sure why you'd have to leave out the boxing it was the Brigadiers night so can't see why he'd be against it - unless you got sparked out in the 1st 5 seconds and lost him his wager
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