Help required

Am currently writing my CV and for the life of can not remember the main items in the job description for:

A) A crew commander CVRT
b) SNCO Welfare officer

Any points will be well received

Many Thanks in advance
I have an old job description that covers commander AFV, at what rank did you last crew comd, there are diff levels of responsibility per rank,ie tp sgt.

P.M. on the way.
Take care when writing a CV for civvy street. Avoid military terminology and be prepared to be interviewed by a 20 year old person in HR who think they know it all.........and who's more worried about their own job than giving you one.....A job that is. Been there and been through it. Might I suggest that when you have written it and amended it 40 times or so....take it to an agency that deals with Senior Management and let them pull it apart with you. I think in the long run it will be worth the effort.

Hope this helps and all the best in your transition to civvy street....its not easy...different mindset.
Sorry, but most civvie firms couldnt care if you were first on the Balcony or in charge of 200 lean mean fighting machines, nowadays.

Id listen to IFCS, after a while i didnt even mention having served, as it drew Blank looks or in one case utter rage, or the classic, yes but what real job have you done. (he had a point in a way)

Avoid anything Army in your CV, it has to be phrased Civvy style.

Though when i was a Manager, ex-army did get preference :)

Oh and dont pay ever for a CV to be done (someone on here,does them for donations iirc), or a jobsite which asks you for money.


Oh and dont pay ever for a CV to be done (someone on here,does them for donations iirc), or a jobsite which asks you for money.

To true, and only a brief summary on one sheet of paper please + when completing an application form never ever write - SEE ATTACHED CV - thats what filled up my bin that was.
In most jobs a two page CV does become wallpaper, dont expect replies to your letters or emails, write to everyone or anyone, mates in jobs, ask them.

It can be hard at the mo, ive seen Senior Managers and Graduates applying for Line jobs, keep on plugging away, and remember once in a job, it is easier to find another, just its hard getting on the rung.


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I applied for a job with a company that provided software to the government and the MOD, so I had to be vetted. No great sweat given my career.

The question that amused me was:

Are you or have you ever been a member of an organisation that participates in espionage, terrorism or sabotage?

I answered Yes to all three. The guy reviewing my form ran out of the room and brought in the Operations Director.

"I was in an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment. Espionage was my day job. The sabotage of Reserve Demolitions was a regular sideline. In 1978 I was on the Directing Staff training a unit prior to Op Banner, and I regularly shot at them, planted bombs and stuff."

The Ops director had a good laugh, I got the job and we became good buddies. I used to conduct interviews on his behalf.
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