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Help required

Not one of my normal pervy posts however was wondering if any of you guys out there can help.....

We have a guy here, up on one of the wards who, as a prisoner, is shackled to an officer. He's only a young guy, mid twenties and I briefly got talking to him, turns out he's ex forces (Fusiliers I beleive) and discharged for being a bit East Ham. I have spoken to his warders and they call him a block-rat - someone always 'segged off' for being a troublemaker.

He's going to be here a few days minimum and think the guy is a decent bloke, just a bit fucked. As a civvy I don't know much about your welfare organisations however is there something I could print of for him, someone to call? I have spoken to his warders and they're happy for me to give him paperwork. He's not like most of the prisoners we get here, I'm no expert however there is a lot bubbling away underneath.

I appreciate all your help in advance guys. The attitude here is 'not our problem', prison service problem and get him the **** out of our cubicle. I don't like that.

Thanks again.

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