Help required with Vodafone Germany

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by roy761, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone had problems with Vodafone in Germany when returning from Germany? During my time in Germany I had 2 mobile phones with 2 years contract for my self and my wife, the Vodafone shop in Mönchengladbach informed us at the start of our contract that if we where posted early the contracts would be cancelled at nil cost and no cancellation fees,if we provided a assignment order (we have a email to confirm this). Due to a compassionate reason we where posted back to the UK in Apr.
    Last month we have received a letter from Vodafone HQ Germany stating they wanted 1600 euros and would not honour the information that the Mönchengladbach shop informed us as this was not Vodafone policy and they where going to pass this on to debtcollectorsin the UK.
    Has anyone got any advice on this?
  2. any debt collectors that approach you tell them this is in dispute, as most think its an money gaining debt, and will pass back to the orginatorTake Vodafone to small claims court under hundred quid to do it (u can claim it off vodafone later) since they are the ones breaking a contract, as you have proof, small claims is for fines under £5000, so it will be a magistrate and no red tape to stop you.

  3. He's on about Vodafone De, not Vodafone UK! Two separate companies and Vodafone De are lying, thieving bastards who will take you to court, no matter what!
  4. Thank you Desktop Commando :thumright:
  5. If as you say you have an e-mail from Vodafone stating that there would be no fees etc for early cancellation and you can prove that a compassionate posting comes with an assignement order (which I assume is what a posting order is now called) then you should be fine.

    Is the e-mail in English or German btw?
  6. Recce19, yes they are lying, thieving bastards but they have the money to take you to court, I am asking for help from ALS in Germany but I am not sure what they can do.
  7. English

  8. Not quite that easy! I had a letter stating that if I was happy to stay with my original contract, then I was to do nothing and it would stay that way. Well, they changed it on a whim - in their favour and the court agreed with them - they even stated I had two separate contracts when I only had the one. I lost as I didn't have deep pockets to fight any further!

    A big bit of advice:

    If they win and you pay in full, make sure that you demand the 'Title' to the debt back. If you don't, by German law, they can come and demand it again whenever they feel like it!
  9. So the only get out clause that Vodafon have and I am sure they will try and use it if it gets to court is that you werent ordered to leave but that you asked to leave.

    Not sure on the legalities of that but something to keep in mind perhaps.
  10. I know its Vodafone DE, but if they can enfore under UK detb collectors, then surely they can be taken to court. Debt subforums:-
  11. I would simply refuse to pay. If you have a witness, or statement confirming early cancellation due to Posting, then they have no legs to stand on, regardless "how mighty they are".

    Further to that, as you are back in the UK this would make it difficult to retrieve the funds, and I would imagine that the €1600 is not worth the effort.

    I have a UK registered vehicle here in FRG, and have knocked up a good €1000 on fines over the last 6 years, every ticket that was sent to mummy (reg address in UK) by the German authorities was duly shredded, and we all lived happily ever after!

    It may sound like a lot of money, but it isnt and if you stand your ground they will write it off.

    Edit: Under German Law, a written or oral contract is binding, with emphasis on the oral. If the salesman said "oh no prob mate, if you leave FRG we ll cancel it" then that will suffice. The majority of cases here usually end up in favour of the consumer.
  12. as above, you have the documentation showing that you were cancelled on posting, and the cancellation paperwork from the shop, wait til debt agency contacts you, show them the legal paperwork that Vodafone is breaking, and tell them you will see them in court and you probaly wont hear from them again

  13. They would do it through the German courts. These courts would then send the relevant paperwork to the Foreign Process Section in London, who would then give it to the local Court Bailiffs to enforce - no need for any UK debt collection agencies and fully enforceable!
  14. Depends on the value Recce, it will doubtlessly cost more to retrieve that it is worth.
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  15. Oh, they will add the costs on top of the original debt. This way, they don't pay anything....As I said, Vodafone De are lying, thieving bastards - I would also put fraudulent in there as well!...Not that I am bitter...noooooo!