Help required with a walter mitty, 16/5th lancers

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by frundsberg1, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi there,
    i'm wondering if someone may be able to help me. We have had a few problems in Cornwall with a character who claims to be an ex officer in the 16/5th Lancers. He claims he was wounded in the Falklands War, but i have a photo of him in 1982 when he was a WO in the RAF Reserve as an Air Training Corps instructor. I am hoping someone will be able to dip into his service records. If he did serve i am certain he was never commisioned. If you can help please send me a message an i'll give you his details.
  2. If you have a phot of him from 1982 then why not confront him with that?
  3. 16/5th didnt deploy to the Falkands Conflict - a quick Google search would tell you that
  4. Wait for an opportune moment preferably in a full bar when he is in full flow and produce the picture and demand an explanation.

    If any of the other threads regarding walts are anything to go by this advice will be repeated over and over - only not so nicely!!
  5. Neither did the ATC. Shame, I was well up for it.
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  6. In 82 the 16/5th were in Bovington, but he would have been able to really Walt one on, as they did a one Squadron rotation in Beirut in 83/4
  7. Claims the photo is him after he left the army!!! (ex commissioned army officers don't go into RAF VR as WO's) i know the 16/5th didn't go to the Falklands, he also claims to be ex SAS, ex AAC Pilot, ex armoured Para??? The list goes on. The main thing here is to discover the actual service record if any, and expose the commission fraud. Nowt hurts more than evidence
  8. You are very very wrong on that one. Battery acid in the eyeballs hurst a whole lot more. And anyone starting a walt hunt on their fiirst post deserves battery acid in thier children's eyes, let alone their own.
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  9. If he's ex RAC Para Sqn he will be big mates with Maj Gen Andrew Cummings, who is also Colonel of the Queens Royal Lancers, and would have been at their reunion in Bovy a few weeks ago, but they disbanded in 1976
  10. A Squadron was at Lulworth and did Beirut
    B and HQ at Bovvy
    C Sqdn were AMF, and thought they were going Falklands,but all their cold weather kit went instead.

    Will PM you cos i was in The Regiment that time.
  11. Oh and the 16/5th had one man who did fight in the Falklands, so i suppose you could say we were there.
  12. That was my dad. Seriously!
  13. Nice try,no cigar
  14. Tropper's your dad? You poor bastard!
  15. Seriously, it was.