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Help required,,Urgently....

A friend of mine is due to go on ,,He has just been informed that there are no gloves or knee pads left to issue to him,,what can he do?.....
Wait until he gets to theatre? there are stocks in BSN etc but what of and how much is anyones guess, I s'pose to play safe he'd best buy his own.
Chillax Tuffers!!

Try HM Supplies,John Bulls and Silvermans for a start or go to you/his nearest Surplus store.

It's not rocket science is it!!.
They have loads of stuff in bastion! I've come back from H13 an we got given loads of crap given to us at the start during r&r an at the end. Alot of the lads bought there own gloves anyway. An knee pads, just order some from solder of fortune.


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agreed plenty of replenishment kit out there according to our kid who says they keep burning the surplus, plenty of the old pattern stuff around which still works isnt he asking around his unit?

who is he going with?
he can buy them in theater in the efi or the danish shop, both in mob price and bastion, as well as fob ramrod if he gets there. And unless he's thick as pigshit he shouldn't need his granda askin for info online for him, as any squaddie worth his salt should already know where to buy a pair of gloves and kneepads. no offence


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Official Multicam Hard Shell Military Tactical Knee Pad | eBay

I dont know what the current glove is, but the desert glove is pretty good soft leather and takes a thermal liner easy. around a tenner usually.

a layered multi glove system with several pairs of warm liners are a good idea as stuff gets lost and he is entering the cold season.

as mentioned though and as he is off tomorrow then he can get what he needs out there during his aclimatisation week where they will make sure he is kitten out or at the shops. if he still cant get any then something is seriously wrong but thats what higher rank is for and they should be sorting it out.

if you really must then try a trip to the local surplus , airsoft shop or ebay and you can post it out to him but he is better finding his own and choosing whats best for him. worst case he ends up with several sets.

no need to panic as it will work itself out.

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