Help Required. Trench Art (?) 7th Queens Own Hussars

A friend showed me this but I could not tell him any more about it than that which he had surmised already.

We guess that it is an item of trench art in the form of a vesta case and striker. The badge is 7th Queens Own Hussars (less crown) - possibly a button.

The case is probably steel (I did not have access to a magnet) and consists of two tubes with domed ends. One end has a threaded insert (with a small hole through it) and a nut which seems far more practical than decorative. The (presumed) bottom half has a small knurled ring with a male thread which has two opposing flats.
Reduced 1.jpg
Reduced 2.jpg
Reduced 3.jpg

There are no obvious signs of welding or brazing. The top half is similar but the knurled part is longer and the internal thread is about 3 times longer than the male thread on the bottom piece. There are no other markings.

Over to the combined knowledge of ARRSE!

(Sorry that the pictures are alles uber die platz. Best I could manage)


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Reminds me off going to Mayan relic sites in Belize and Quatamala and casually remarking to our guide ‚them things look like „self pleasure items“ (not the primers of course that’s for deviants!)

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