Help required (possible walt)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BossHogg, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Evening gents/ladies, I'm after a bit of advice. Right I've been out of RMP 17 years in a couple of weeks so this is why i'm asking. In my day we didn't wear stab vests on patrol and handcuffs and truncheons were kept in a locked cupboard in the station. Do modern day NCO's carry batons and cuffs in the uk? I know they wear stabbies as I've seen photo's. Another question, when a squaddie gets nicked, do they get cuffed before being transported back to their guardroom? The reason i'm asking, a person on another forum has been brought to my attention by other members of the forum. This guy claims to be RMP serving in a joint police unit in Cyprus, yet his IP address shows he's in the uk. His posts don't ring right, he's claiming all kinds of things and making comments about things he's not qualified to. If you fine people can help me out, I'll do my best to try and out him and if he does turn out to be a walt, I'll slip the dogs of arrse onto him, or at least wait till sluggy gets back from penguin worrying! ;)
  2. Can't help with what the RMP get up to as I tend to avoid them, but I remember when I was on tour that when I used the Paradigm internet that their IP addresses were in the UK.
  3. Give me a shout on normal channels matey ;) is this is off the kiddies playground?
  4. yes

  5. Uniform/equipment/policing practises have changed ever so slightly since you left. When you use IGS - internet on a MOD computer spookily enough the IP is the UK no matter where you are.

    Edited to take out sarcasm!!
  6. Well would be easy if someone from CPJU was reading this could confirm, and now knowing who it is and where he is posting I would be surprised if he wasn't a walt.
  7. He was a prime candidate for SIB selection (typed before you took out your sarcasm) :wink:
  8. I am but a lowly womble nowadays, it has been 17 years and i'm only asking the questions which have been raised to me. The old monkey brain was only signed out on a 1033, I got my thick scouse brain back when I left in 1993. ;)
  9. The same site had someone post their experiences with RAFPol it read like an episode of the Bill! quickly jumped upon by a serving RAF monkey as total bull....
  10. They didn't have internet when I was serving, infact we didn't have a lot of things. recalling writing everything in the DOB on a busy Monday morning still brings me out in a cold sweat! 8O
  11. Were you by chance based at Hildesheim about 1990?

  12. THM,

    In a position to assist if needs be!

  13. No, not me i'm afraid, 1990 I was in N.I. then Catterick.