Help required please

Guys, I need a little help. i have been trying to get tickets to LFC to watch Liverpool V Aston Villa. They are a present for my little uns 14th birthday, he is an avid liverpool supporter and I have dragged him to OT to watch the reds play twice (Unicef games tickets easy to come by).

Now for his birthday I have identified a game near to his birthday and on a Monday evening, thought the tickets would be easier to get.

Have tried the ticket office, no internet ordering and the phones are always busy. Any idea where i may be able to get a couple of tickets?

Many thanks
Keep trying pal. Unless you have a fancard though you can't even order them then! Let me have a quick scooch at the site I'll brb.

Edited to add: You're snookered fella - sold out. Persistence is the name of the game - and having a fancard to order with. And getting in very early on the 1st day of sale.

Sorry mate - Sunderland at home 2nd of Feb!

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