Help required, please!

Well, I had been quite happy just being an invisible lurker on AARSE (bloody hell, it's made me laugh sometimes!) but it's got to the point where I could do with some help, or least my other half could so here I am.

I'll keep it brief (ish). My other half found that he hadn't been paid at the end of September. At all. Cue major panic. Found out the reason why and had the error that made it happen corrected. Was told that if he didn't receive any pay in 10 days to get back in touch with JPA helpline (I think I'm right in saying that). Needless to say, when he calls them whilst on his break, they're on their break, same with lunch, and then everyone appears to go home. This is driving him to distraction (and me as well) Do any of you far-more-knowledgeable-people-than-me have any ideas, i.e. any phone numbers (to be fair, I don't know which number he's calling) or at least what hours the office bods are meant to work. I'm trying to help from a distance with very limited knowledge of these things and this was the only thing I could think of trying.

I look forward to any help anyone can offer.

Oh, and I forgot to add, he's away from his unit just now so doesn't have access to his unit's clerks etc and virtually no internet access.
Try phoning the JPAC helpline number: 0141 224 3600 this is manned all day

good luck

ps your man will need to know his recorded security word ie. home town or mothers maiden name etc.
Got you PM thanks (no text) and sent a reply. Must be something I am doing wrong.

JPA Helpline 94560 3600

Your partner will be able to ring the helpline and receive a call log number regardless of whether the issue has been resolved or not. If he/she is on the JPA personal administration system then a better bet would be to email them with the query. JPA then has a remit to respond within a short period (not too sure but think it is 48hrs).

Hope that helps.
charlie_five, i work in the dreaded JPAC back office and deal with pay. I'm happy to help if i can. PM me with info if you still need help and i'll investigate.
Update. He's been paid. I don't yet know how, but at least he's got some cash in his pocket! Thank you very much to all of you who offered help and advice.

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