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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by TRAZTAZ, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. I am hoping firstly that I have posted in the right section. I am renovating a 110 FFR Land Rover for a friend. I have managed through Merlin to aquire what vehicle history they had available ( Not much).
    What I am really hoping to get is the vehicle repair history and hopefully the vehichle theater history. I have the chassis number and the military number plate number.I am now outside the system and so could not acess JAMES which is where I guess this info is now stored?

    Anyone out there that could be of help?
  2. What's the Military VRN?
  3. Thanks for the help so far.
    The chassis number is salldhac8ma958973
    The reg plate was cb45aa
    It was taken into service in 1995 and was sold 10/06/2011
    it was stored at TFSU from 15/11/10 and then sent to UIN ca274a ( Ashchurch?) where it was sold.
  4. You may pay for next to nothing though. I decided not to bother.
  5. Thanks Jarod, thought the same myself. Quick bump so hopefully someone near a JAMES system will see this tomorrow.
  6. I phoned them but they did tell me what they had could be very limited.
  7. Mate if you can smell cabbage and wee it's me:)

    I am sure Ashchurch was ca005a. The other major Depot was the vehicle sub -depot near of Old Dalby near Derby. It has been so long since I used those UIN that I am not sure of the Old Dalby details BUT it sound familiar.

    BTW anybody who calls it a VRN should be tortured it is an Equipment Registration Mark (ERM) and was used to control Category 1(A)1 items i.e. expensive items controlled by a Registration Number.

    On the plate there should also be a VB number (and the 110 should start with VB 17** - ABCD). VB 1710 is a GS, 1717 was a hard top GS version orginally for Posties and 1720 was for FFR. If A was less than 5 it was RHD and if greater than 5 was LHD.
  8. jarod, however limited it is , it will be usefull to me. Any chance you could get what you can and pass it on?
  9. No I can't get the information, you have to pay them to do the search but they told me it could be very limited so I didn't bother doing it for my vehicle.
  10. Jarod, my bad, I thought you meant you had called JAMES...............

    Any one else got a suggestion?
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  11. We can do it together. It is an ERM. I was the equipment manager for L/R at LE(A). How do you think Tank Gun Barrels were controlled? Option 1 - an ERM. Option 2 - a TGBRN. Go on - have a guess:)