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When I shut down my PC it gets as far as the screen saying Windows Closing Down then just hangs. I have to physically turn off the power to get the PC to close.

I have run several different scans and nothing found. I have left the PC to take its time but even after half an hour or so still hung.

It happened intermittently at first but happens every time now.

I would not know what to look for in the operating system to change. If someone could point me in the right direction to getting this fixed then I would be very grateful. This has been happening for a week or so now but it was a progression.

Have you tried looking here...

Start/Control Panel/Power Options. Then in there is the option to change the setting for the power button. ie: Sleep / Shut down or do nothing. Choose what you want then apply. See if this helps then we may move on
This might help to explain it...........I use Free Window Registry Repair. It is a trusted and recommended free repair service you download and will also clear a load of dead, invalid and empty stuff from your PC, which could be slowing you as well.

Computer won't shut down? Many people also barge up against this "computer doesn't shut down" problem. No matter how many times you have tried to turn off your computer but it just won't close down.

Many people have no alternative but to press the power switch to shut it down by force, when their computers run into this trouble. Force shutdown could bring serious consequences to your computer and system. It might lead to severe problems including memory and hard drive failure, system crash and so on.

But how to fix the problem? To resolve this troublesome problem, we must go to the root of cause. Every time you turn off your Windows system, it must communicate with registry and save all the vital information before it cuts the power. But when it fails to communicate with registry or receives invalid or incorrect data from registry, it will not be able to execute the shutdown process. That is the reason why your computer won't close.

So we can conclude that registry errors result in your PC shutdown problem. Registry is the vital part of Windows system. No matter in the earlier version of Windows system or latest Windows 7, XP and Vista, registry always plays the role of control center. It controls all the system processes like startup, shutdown, restart and so on. Moreover, it also has a great effect on computer performance.

To fix the problem, you will need to scan and repair the errors in your Windows registry. Fixing the registry errors will not only resolve the annoying problem but also help you improve your PC performance.
Unfortunately there is no evidence that these registry repair programs actually make any difference. And no "Well, it fixed my computer" isn't sufficient.

Unfortunately there is no evidence that these registry repair programs actually make any difference. And no "Well, it fixed my computer" isn't sufficient.


I don't disagree with you, in fact, some can mess up the reg. It was recommended to me by a Computer Tech and cleaned up my old PC with Vista on it. That was taking for ever to open and to shut down, but performs really well now.I still use it now and then and use that Regsoft programme on it. It fixed mine, but like you say, may not do it elsewhere..worth trying though.

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