Help required in preparing a CV in Northern Ireland


Has anyone got any advice in preparing a civilian CV for use within Northern Ireland? It is easy enough to prepare one for civvi street in mainland UK, but trying to hide your military employment is increasingly more difficult within the Northern Ireland workplace. Thank you.
The only alternative to giving military service as taking up part of your past is to lie.
Any lie is, with the attention now devoted to them, liklely to come out. It would be an extremely tolerant employer who would accept reticence to divulge service as reason to lie. In addition, even if you were to lie and get employment, you must always be aware that your true past may come to light. This can land you in criminal action and must always lead to dismissal.
In short - don't do it.
If you are writing a general purpose c.v. to circulate in likely market, write it so that you do not give a chronological resume. If you get a bite, discuss the missing period with the HR dept of the possible employer. Do not be defensive about it. Just ask if it is likely to cause them any embarrassment. This way of putting it gives them the chance to pull back.
If you are writing c.v. specific to a particular post - as you should be doing - make the call before you start.
Being prejudiced as I am, there could only be one side of the community that would basically object anyway. Research beforehand should establish if the firm is in the old red or the old green areas on the map.
Best of luck. Do not lie. Do not apologise. Be proud.
Depends how much of your CV is purely military, and how much of that can be disguised with doublespeak but give an honest account of your abilities, if not your actual previous role. Your address (and telephone number if you want to be pedantic) shouldn't be on the CV. If your emplyment in the Army was solely as a dealer in violent death you'll have a bit more of a problem than if you were an administrative, transport or logistical genius, for which there are a legion of alternative descriptions; likewise for most of the other professions, trades and skills. Of course, if you were a bit of a killer, the 'leadership', 'team-builder/player', 'project planner' etc euphemisms can be used to their full effect.


The RRC in Aldergrove will be more than happy to assist in a civilianised CV, it forms part of the initial resettlement course. They can also put you in touch with SF friendly firms looking for ex-service. REFA will also put your details in their database, which can be accessed by firms looking for the skills that soldiers have that civi's lack in buckets, ie. On time, no sickies, smart, willing etc etc.


Points noted and appreciated. Difficult situation at the moment as I am currently on Extended service and looking at giving 6 months notice and therefore not yet eligible for assistance from RRC Aldergrove.

Thanks for reminder about the RFAA, good contact, will do it this weekend.

Starting to test the waters so treading very carefully.

Shame I don't speak Norn Iron!

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