Help required if possible :-(

Hi there,
I am ex RLC and have been out the Army just 6 months, I have been in talk with a few ex military personel that I work with and what I ideally want to do is close protection or similar but is there anyway around paying the upfront fee straight away as I can barely keep my head above water at the min, I am stuck in a dead end job over worked and underpaid! I would really appreciate any help or advice
Thank you all
you could always sell a kidney...
Seems your are not the first with this problem.
I have heard there's good money to be made down the docks. Doing favours for sailors.
What do you mean? Delivering messages, sewing on buttons?
I currently work in the industry, and often meet people who want to work in CP, either prior to doing a course or having completed a course. Unfortunately too many people still see the industry as being filled with well paid jobs for ex servicemen, it silpmy isnt like that anymore. In my experience the vast majority of people who complete CP courses (and there are litlerally hundreds of training providers doing courses each month), do not go on to find work in the sector.

Today there are very well qualified, 22 year men with a good few years private security experience, who are struggling to find work out there. There are far more men than there jobs. The industry is swamped with guys, this will only get worse as Afghan fades away and the myth that CP is the land of milk and honey perpetuates.

In any case, if I could wind the clock back, I would think very hard about leaving the cushy job I had in the UK to start working for ArmorGrroup. I now find myself away from home more often than I'm there, working in 'orrible countries filled with 'orrible people and risking my neck for ever decreasing wages. However, it's still more money than I could ever hope to earn in the UK, hence after a few years you become trapped due to your new lifestyle and a missus who doesnt want to go to work!

If you really want to give operational C.P a go (I assume you're talking Afghan / Iraq) you'll need to have a couple of tours under your belt to even be considered at having a sniff of an interview. You're ex-RLC, which doesnt by any means preclude you from the world of CP, but they will be looking for swtiched on operators with bags of good drills in terms of weapons handling, driving, use of comms etc etc (languages and med skills are always a bonus). If you feel you fit the bill - and it's only yourself who will lose out financially if your kidding yourself, then look into doing a training course to get your license. You will have to pay in advance for every course, unless you can get it done as part of resettlement. Although some courses can be picked up for under a grand - they are tonk though. However the result is the same - an SIA Licsense (which is completely irrelevant to working outside of the U.K!).
Thanks martin7606 for your reply, I do know were your coming from the industry is filled!!! It just seems that it would suit me to be honest, I appreciate your advice, I have only done 3 tours but have worked closely with marines etc but I will have too look harder into the courses as I have been in conversation with "ronin" and "phoenix" and your talkin 3k + a course,
Thanks again

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