Help required getting an item from germany

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by keeffy, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. I need help getting an item from padderbourne to kent.
    The weight is arround 20 kg
    260 cm long, 40 cm high, 60 cm wide it will fit on to a roof rack.

    So is anyone posted in the next couple of weeks>
  2. Been in padderbourne long, then?

    What's the street value of the "item"? Just interested.
  3. Will Cutoms be supplying the rubber gloves and lubricant :roll:
  4. Get your mother in law an indulgence flight you tight wad. :D
  5. There's a reason why they ask the questions about whether you packed your own bags and whether anyone has asked you to carry something for them.

    Although it would be interesting to see what special kind of mong would be stupid enough to take something across international borders for some random they met on the internet.
  6. No RAF kites or choppers working in your area if so ask did it for me mind that was back in 1985
  7. Ok the package is a dog sled ( fcuk i cant believe that i am revealing this in the naafi bar) i am in kent and i need it bringing back from a mates in padderbourne. It has no street value that i know of unless you can snort husky shite in which case i am minted with a constant supply.

    putteesinmyhands send your address and i will post you a taster and we might be in buisness.

    I have no wokka wokkas near me and no military flights out of BAOR unless civil im lead to believe.

    Your help gentlemen is greatly appreciated.

    I standby for incoming
  8. Keefy get the husky to earn its keep and pull the thing back, or even wait till Dec 24th and ask Santa to go tandem :wink:

    Sorry mate cant help im in the UK,

    ps The _Butler ive never known any mother in law to be 20kg, maybe you thought he said 200kg :D
  9. That explains a lot, including the reason why you don't pick it up yourself. Can't find padderbourne on the map? :)

    It's Paderborn
  10. Go to O'Gurkes travel agent in Barker Barracks, Paderborn, and hang around to see if anyone is coming back for the weekend.

    Or ask one of lovely ladies to pass on your details to anyone who is coming back.
  11. If I was you, I would phone Superman, ask him to fly around the planet in order that it spins backwards and goes back in time.

    Drop a Telegram to the Luftwaffe and ask them to dispatch your item en route to London some time in August 1942
  12. I know a fat bloke with a big white beard, he reckons he knows a thing or two about sleds..
    He might also be traveling that way around the last week of december. He does most years anyway.
    You could always try and write a letter to him.
  13. Better to have a word with Rudolf Hess.

    - No. It's cheaper to get it back from Paderborn than Scotland.
  14. Ok OK i get the point i shall take my head for a shite
    ( my fcuking fault for asking in here really )
    Cheers lads :)
  15. Glad to help. :)