Help required from Ex-Forces now Serving Police Officers

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by POGscribbler, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. This is a very quick and dirty email to all the ex army and now serving police officers (or indeed ex serving Police officers) out there.

    I have been tasked by one of the largest Police Forces in the UK to put together a Police specific version of PocketComms This development process also involves 10 other forces which are providing feedback and are piloting, in significant numbers, the current version of PocketComms to gather suggestions from their officers. If you would like to get involved in this development process please e-mail me with a work email address and I will send you the feedback we have had so far for you to mull over dismiss, debate and argue about... ultimately I hope to help produce a tool that eases the communication process for all officers but I am relying on your feed back and thoughts to make it sharper and effective. All who are kind enough to make a significant contribution will receive a complimentary copy of the finished article.

    with Thanks


    Those that wish to purchase a current copy for a closer look and evaluation can enter POL999 for a 10% discount off the £5.99 or £6.99(with a pouch) price.

    MODS please feel free to move this if it is not in the right forum.

    See pic below for Product detail and Police force comments from the Press
    (click to see larger version) or visit the website above for further info.

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  2. Any Thoughts? :?

  3. msr

    msr LE

    Plod usually takes more than 2 hours to respond to anything ;)

  4. Sounds like a good idea to me. Though be careful not to let too many senior (ie above Chief Inspector) ranks involved. Next thing you know it'll be appearing in their force with a different name and their name on the front. Usually right around promotion board time.

    I'm more than happy to give you some input mate. If you PM me I'll forward you my work and personal email addresses.
  5. PM Inbound looking forward to your thoughts

  6. And then you get all three at once :D

  7. Just a quick Thank you for all those that contributed with generous help and advice

    We now have a format as below which I am delighted to say has also been nominated by the West Midlands Police as one of their entries for the ACPO awards for Policing Excellence 2009 (so fingers crossed)

    if you have any reasonable sensible suggestions for inclusion please let me know

    with thanks


    1 Braille
    3 Finger Spelling
    5 Finger Spelling
    7 Food Allergies
    9 Non-Alcoholic Drinks
    11 Illness Symptoms
    13 Emergency Personnel, Officials, Lawyer, Appropriate Adult / Social worker
    15 Crime Types 1
    17 Crime Types 2
    18 Crime Types 3
    19 Identification - Height/Age/Weight
    21 Identification – Facial
    23 Identification – Hair/Headgear
    25 Identification – Tattoos
    25a Identification - Jewellry
    27 Clothing – Men
    29 Clothing – Women
    31 Clothing – Accessories
    33 Luggage
    35 Commonly Stolen Items, inc. Handbags, wallets etc
    37 Seasons, Date, Time, Day/Night
    39 Directions
    41 Weapons – Shot Guns & Rifles
    43 Weapons – Hand Guns & Crossbow
    45 Weapons – Knives
    47 Weapons – Knives
    49 Weapons – Tools etc used as weapons
    51 Vehicles – Domestic (Cars)
    53 Vehicles – Commercial (Lorries)
    55 Vehicles – Motorcycles & Bicycles
    57 Car Manufacturers Badges
    59 Car Manufacturers Badges
    61 Colours/ Vehicle colours
    63 Vehicle Breakdown Issues
    65 Places of Worship & Accommodation
    67 Public Transport & Municipal Building Symbols

    2 Religious Customs and Policing Issues– Baha’i
    6 Religious Customs and Policing Issues– Buddhism
    12 Religious Customs and Policing Issues– Islam
    32 Religious Customs and Policing Issues– Sikhism
    36 Religious Customs and Policing Issues– Hinduism
    44 Religious Customs and Policing Issues- Judaism
    50 Maps – Europe
    52 Maps – Africa
    54 Maps – Asia
    55 Maps - Americas
    56 Maps – World
    57 Flags - Europe 1
    58 Flags - Europe 2
    59 Flags - Africa 1
    60 Flags - Africa 2
    61 Flags - Asia 1
    62 Flags - Asia 2
    63 Flags - Americas 1
    64 Flags - Americas 2
    58 Basic Details ( x 7 common languages)
    60 Language ID (x 20 languages)
    62 Language ID (x 20 languages)
    64 Language ID (x 20 languages)

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  8. And they probably will grade 4 it so they can have their Jellied eels and Mash.
  9. Hi folks once again just a quick thank you to all those that got in touch with help and advice, I am delighted to say that the Police version is now finished (sneak preview below) and has already been nominated by West Midlands Police for the ACPO Award for Excellence in Policing 2009 so fingers crossed!!


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  10. I was absolutely delighted with the one I bought last year and more than happy with the price of £9.09 (including pouch/after discount/including postage).

    I am astounded that you are now able to market this amazing bit of kit for the bargain price of £6.99. :D
  11. Is there a Pocket Comms for Stroke victims I have used mine with one of my friends who had a stroke but it does not cover all the required subjects
  12. It would have to include the flash card "fcuk off, you bullshitting bastard" possibly?
  13. Hi Tropper66, We have had significant sales to Stroke Victims and their carers and families and to the Stroke Association. We are also working with a number of Orgs and special schools to develop a larger format version to help those with mobility problems. I hope to do a more medically focussed version in the future too which will help Doctors and Nursing staff to communicate more effectively. In the meantime we have a distributor Forest who supplies our books to the deaf and disabled community around the world and we hope to include basic finger spelling (BSL) in future copies or possibly as an add on. (We have already included this in the Police Version as well as US finger spelling in our US Police Version)

    We have also recently produced extra pages of content for Epping Forest College who have a significant number of disabled students and have even provided sets of laminated sheets of PocketComms content for those who have trouble turning over the pages.

    So in all I am happy to put together content to help and I intend the PocketComms family to grow to include a wider range of products and options

    I hope that answers your question?

  14. In response to numerous emails and PM's.

    We do intend to develop versions for the NHS and a medical version (it is already in use with a number of air ambulance teams) as well as the fire service and emergency planning teams (again a number have these on trial already)

    Anyone wishing to get involved or give feedback please get in touch