Help Required for revenge

Last year on tour I received a parcel from a supposed friend, this contained things that were totally useless to me, IE Italian 6ft extension, 1 sock, some cat food etc, now the roles are reversed and I need some good idea of things to send him. The rules are simple nothing illegal or over 2 KGs, fire away lads.


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Send him an airmail bluey full of pube trimmings.
Send him a sock full of stale spunk.

I may add that I've never done this and any similarity to any other spunk type prank is purely coincidental.


Send him an airmail bluey full of pube trimmings.
my pube trimmings :)

I always found that the parcels I received with absolutely nothing of any use in, to be the best ones. Great for morale.

I once got sent a flashing bow-tie, not to disimilar to thsi was excellent:

Dead battery, panty liner (with wings if you're feeling adventurous) and an empty biro. Why not chuck in a Tour Guide to an odd country as well

Not sure why those just popped into my head!
Empty tictac box, last years diary, collection of navel lint, some dead AAA batteries, dried Prittstick.
encrypted USB stick without the password (as given to me last birthday by a mate)
used stables.
toilet roll inner
the bits of paper from the centre of hole punches
Used Train ticket
Last weeks losing Lottery ticket
Losing Lottery scratch card already scratched out

Your mind goes down some very wierd directions with this doesn't it.
Coupons for Morrisons

Dried out lumo pens

Your shopping receipt showing the purchase of:

some hi tech gadget
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